The Smoothing Presence of a Man Named Mad Dog

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You would never know it by the man’s nickname but there is a peace of mind when one listens to our Secretary of Defense. General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis had his first press conference in front of the world and when it was done, I felt calm. A very old friend of mine, one that goes back to when I was a kid, mused recently that so many people do not understand nuance. Mad Dog is ALL nuance.

Well, we know some things now. We know to pay attention to the adults and not the shiny objects on Twitter. We are not being dragged into some new land war, but was making a military statement about weapons of mass destruction. We are not doing regime change, we just could not sit around for another chemical attack by Assad. We have not forgotten “America First” but need to deal with some unpleasant failures left over from the failed Obama Administration.

Our “Secretariat” of Defense laid out what our military was up to and I could not be happier. I had my worries. He spoke while our Navy had an attack squadron steaming toward the Korean Peninsula, but yet calmingly gave us a plausible explanation. Mad Dog even used the female vernacular to describe the war machine headed towards Asia. It was so freaking professional. Those of us who love President Trump, and I count myself one of them, still yearn for the professionalism that the people around him give us.

As a nationalist who wants the best for his country, as a populist who wants for once to have his government put America First, when we start bombing other countries before we have built our first new bridge, I get nervous. When I hear that Steve Bannon is in jeopardy, I want to fight for him. I know what many of us know, that if the press is right and Donald’s son in law and daughter are dragging him towards a globalist point of view, then America is screwed.

Every home needs spring cleaning and America certainly does. It is time to rebuild our nation, not any other. That is what I do not understand about Globalists or Neocons. How can America do any of the shit they want, until we get our house back in order? We just want to get our house in order. We do not need to be labeled or called names over it. You can thank us later. Thank us after the spring cleaning.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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