The Resistance Is Losing

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It is humorous watching the faces of the Trump haters when the president has a good day. When he has a good week, they become just beside themselves. The “Resistance” is losing. The Mother of all Presidents is moving his agenda along and all of their antics have not stopped anything as of late. Even the classless acts of Barack Obama chiming in with his unwarranted criticism has little or no effect.

President Trump is starting to feel more like a president and he is certainly acting like one. Yes, nationalist are shocked over his reversal of some things, but in the end, if he makes everything better, he will still get their support for reelection. All he has to do is move this economy along and create a positive change from that last president and his countless failures.

One thing I have noticed is that the fever has broken with the press. Yes, they take every chance they can to put President Trump down, but there is a difference in tone. We no longer have this non-stop rabid chatter every second of every broadcast. Now you can tune in to see Jake Tapper‘s sullen face and see he has less and less arrows to throw at the president. Make no mistake about it, Jake’s bias is still thundering, but it is harder for him to do his bit when most people are behind the president and his actions overseas. The resistance is in big trouble and they are losing steam.

Until the Democrat Party elevates some new faces, Republicans have nothing to fear in the 2018 elections. As long as the faces of the Democrats are Nancy and Chuck, America will still turn right, politically speaking. They truly underestimate the level of dislike for the leadership of the Democrat Party. They are in a bubble. They are self-unaware. They and the resistance are losing.

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