The Republican Party Cannot Govern

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Many of us have me shocked to the core that the Republican Party does not seem to be able to govern. They still have not struck down Obamacare. They got caught up in the replacement and forgot the original promise to strike it down on day one. The Party is not doing anything they promised to do. All they would have to do is strike down the law and write another law that says it is illegal to deny any American health insurance due to a preexisting condition. Covering Millennial babies up to twenty-six years of age and any other things are not needed. A simple solution that the Republican Party refuses to do.

The Russians did not steal the election, The Republican Party did. They stole it by lying to Americans for years on end and when they got all of the power; they abandon almost all of their promises. I remember thinking back on January 20th, 2017 that this congress was going to roar and get things done, finally. I was catastrophically wrong. Taking two weeks of for Spring Break while they did not accomplish a single legislative promise made to the country, should be a crime. Who the hell gets two weeks off for Spring Break but these government scamps? It is beyond outrageous. We want our ballots back. This whole thing was a scam.

Can you believe there are no tax cuts yet? Not the corporate tax that would kick start the economic magic, not the personal tax, not anything! I hear they want to complicate things by putting in a tax bill some stuff nobody will agree to instead of just dropping the rates. So if that lands up to be true, they will fail on President Trump’s promise on taxes. It is factually true that the biggest obstacle in the way of progress in America is now the Republican Party.

President Trump has a huge problem here and it seems like he does not see it. He has gotten nothing but the two things the conservatives wanted; they got deregulation and a conservative judge, Trump has got nothing! No tax cuts, no abolishment of Obamacare, no wall, no healthcare covering everyone and not even a travel ban. Either Trump is being rolled by the party or he is unable to move it. It is time to bring in Newt Gingrich and clean this mess up now.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
[email protected]

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