Terrorist Attack in Fresno Ignored – Paris Non-Stop Coverage

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A guy named Kori Ali Muhammad goes off shooting random people in California screaming Allahu Akbar and the networks almost completely ignored it. Paris, a left-wing stronghold, has a shooting and it is non-stop coverage. It really is quite extraordinary how the leftist media handles the news and thunders down their bias. I have long been calling for the government to pull the broadcast license of these outlets. These networks use the public airways to push forth their ideology and discard the truth in real time.

We are told that a man in America named Muhammad who does a random shooting is not a terrorist because he hates white people. They say it is a hate crime and not terrorism and then they pretty much ignore the entire event on the news. It reminded me of Ft. Hood when they said that massacre was workplace violence. This kind of thinking leaves normal people with their heads spinning. Then in the same week, there is a shooting in Paris and there is wall to wall coverage.

What kind of sickness has taken over the media? What kind of sick bubble do they operate in? Who do these people think they are? It is fabulously incompatible with the vast majority of Americans, yet they are doing this. They even believe this crap. They are so disconnected to the Apple Pie flyover America that it sometimes seems we are living in different nations. We actually are if you think about it.

There is no bridging this kind of divide. If you came to us and told us (PEOPLE LIKE ME) Muhammad killed our grandmother and then yelled Allahu Akbar, while sanctimoniously claiming it is not terrorism, but a hate crime. Well, we would have something to say to you, eye to eye, that would not be pleasant for you. I don’t know what is scarier, terrorism or the American Liberals that deny it.


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