Score: Freedom Caucus Two – Trump Zero

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When does President Trump get what he wants? When do the people who voted for him get what we want? Conservatism did not win the 2016 Presidential election, Populism did. Sixteen conservatives of all stripes were laid to waste in the primaries. Conservatives were completely rejected in this last election, so why is the Freedom Caucus acting like they won the election?

President Trump gave you your conservative judge for the Supreme Court. The president also gave you folks the most conservative administration, maybe ever. So when does the president get his trillion dollars, so the man can build things? When does he get his tax cuts? When do we get it? It is freaking tax season right now! Why the hell did you drag him down the path of doing healthcare first, only to abandon him? President Trump did not get elected to do healthcare and he damn sure did not get elected to throw the out of work miners off of Medicaid! That is your conservative crap, that is the evil crap, which is the Freedom Caucus. That is not what the people of this nation voted for. It is not even close.

There is an inner-party coup going on. Conservative are rolling the Populist agenda of President Trump. The Freedom Caucus is taking control of the House of Representatives and blocking all of the moderates and the rest of the party from unfolding President Trump’s agenda. I find this outrageous, as a Liberal Republican type, I find the Freedom Caucus to be deeply evil. Just look at their influence on the Ryancare debacle to see their inner darkness.

That was some real sick shit they put in the bill. They put in a provision that said if you lapse in your healthcare insurance between jobs, you have to pay the insurance company a thirty percent penalty, the insurance company! They put in the fact that if you are out of work, like the West Virginia Coal Miners, you cannot get Medicaid health coverage unless you work. Don’t you think those people and others like them after the crash of 2008 want to work? Don’t you think they need healthcare? They slid in a tax break for very rich people that had nothing to do with healthcare whatsoever. This is who these people are. Now I ask you, I ask anyone, is that what America voted for in 2016?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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