If Trump Abandons Wall in Budget Then

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If President Trump abandons the funding for the wall in his first budget, then it is time to abandon the president. As a support of President Trump and after all the grief his supporters get, if he does not start building this wall, we will have to leave his side. There is way too much stuff that is not going right and abandoning funding to build the wall is a bridge too far for Populists and Nationalists alike.

It is sometimes hard to remember, but this nation did not vote for Conservatism or Liberalism in 2016. The country voted for Populism. Now clearly Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus are self-unaware of this axiom, but we, the voters, are not. The fact that The Republicans did not meet their promise of repealing Obamacare on “Day One” and got bogged down in something separate called, “The Replacement”, is unforgivable. They did not need to replace it right away, but they damn sure were supposed to abolish it on the first day. So this is a colossal and historic breach of the public trust on the scale with, if not bigger, than read my lips; no new taxes. This statement I am making is not hyperbole, it is the evident truth.

We are at the 100 Day mark this Saturday and nobody bothered to drop the tax rates, even though we were smack dab in the middle of tax season! This was the one thing that would have kick-started the economy and yet we are stuck with another American President prioritizing health care over jobs and growth in the GDP. Who will ever forget the horror of watching millions of people lose their jobs and homes in 2009 while Obama spent all of his time jamming healthcare down people’s throats?

There has been no bigger supporter of President Trump than I. I have written tens of thousands of words on the subject. As the author of Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle, nobody can doubt my support for the president. However, if President Trump walks away at his first chance to get some money to start building the wall, then he has lost one of his greatest supporters, me. When the president was asked would he sign a budget into law that does not include the money to start the wall and he said, he was not sure. Well, what the hell is that Mr. President! You’re not sure? Not sure about the wall? I will be very sure with how I will react politically to yet another betrayal. I and others will be sure about our support for this administration.

Mr. President, touting that one of your successes is that you got a Supreme Court pick on the court is your accomplishment frightens me. That means you do not understand that this was a victory for the conservatives and not for you. They handed you a list of names of men you never heard of in your life and basically told you that if you do not agree to the list, they would not support you through the election. Then they, the conservatives, shepherded through “their” pick through congress and got him on the court.

President Trump, now it is time for your agenda. Now it is time for you to get something that you promised all of us. I don’t know anyone who voted for you to come up with a new healthcare system. They voted for you to turn this economy around and build that wall. For the record, I think the wall is stupid and a vast waste of money. But that is what you told the people! So if you do not do it, then it is over; it will be the biggest symbol of your decline. Don’t even bother running for reelection if you don’t keep your word on that. In addition, knocking your voters and other poor people off of Medicaid was not part of your support. You gave the conservatives the most conservative administration in years, you gave them a Supreme Court Justice, now where are our freaking tax cuts?

Why have you not started building the wall? Why have you not knocked down Obamacare? Yes, we appreciate the deregulation, but the effects of that are down the road, tax cuts are here and now. Concrete for the wall is here and now. It is real and tangible. The swamp is getting the best of you Mr. President. Respectfully, you are being rolled by the conservatives in the Republican Party. Please try to apperceive that most Republicans are not conservatives. The Freedom Caucus is not your friend; they were not your support, by in large.

Your support came from Democrats and Republicans. Govern like that and you will have more power. You would have more broad support for Medicare for All then you EVER will destroying Medicaid. You promised to cover everyone. You said you’d work out a deal with the hospitals. You did not say you would destroy the law protecting people with preexisting conditions. You are wasting your time. The Republicans will never give you a bill to sign for healthcare, the Freedom Caucus will never accept the changes that Senate will do to the bill.

If you govern strictly with Republicans only, you will only be the lapdog for the conservatives and the Freedom Caucus. If you reach out to the Dems you will gain power. Many of them voted for you. You flipped almost my entire Democrat family to vote for you. Remember where your support comes from and who sent you there. It was not the Republican Party; they fought you tooth and nail. Your support came from blurring those political lines.

President Trump, your agenda, our agenda is spinning like a dreidel. Wake up sir, the swamp creatures are spinning around your legs, they are pulling you in Mr. President.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
[email protected]

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