Are There Any More Perverts at Fox News?

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Can Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes be the only problem at Fox News? If there are any more men at Fox News that partook in the Caligula Era, this is the time to clean them out. It has been my personal experience that if the top brass and talent are doing things, then a culture is formed below them. I have no idea if there is another man at Fox news that is guilty of this kind of behavior but it would be odd if Bill and Roger were alone in this.

Fox News can not afford a slow bleed of this kind of damage. It is house cleaning time. If the men at Fox News are living out some fantasy Mad Men type of misogynistic insanity, then now would be the time to wipe the slate clean. As a viewer of Fox News, we have nowhere else to go. The other cable news channels are simply unwatchable.

Thinking of Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes they have one thing in common. They are all Baby Boomers. As I wrote in a blog here at America Speaks Ink in December of 2008, “These are the people who have brought STDs, Viagra, and out of control drug and alcohol consumption to America’s retirement communities. Wife swapping in fifty-five and older adult communities trying to relive the sexual revolution. When everything is said and done, history will show that the Baby Boomers were, by any measure, the most destructive force America has ever produced. Life is a collection of scars and they have the biggest and best collection. Just ask any one of them, they’d be glad to tell you all about it.” It is obvious many people in this generation did not evolve with the times.

Bill O’Reilly caused more damage to the network because now one of my favorite shows is getting broken up. The Five and the incredible chemistry on that show is now shattered with the infusion of Jesse Watters, one of Bill’s disciples. I cannot stand Jesse and inserting him into the show is devastating to me. Moving the 5 pm show called The Five on at 9 pm sounds a little strange to me. What is it, The Five at Nine?


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