America’s Populist Movement in Jeopardy?

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Are we going to reprint the red hats “Make Syria Great Again?” It did not take long for President Trump to steer off the America First course. This one act of bombing another country in the Middle East is a direct violation of the president’s campaign promise. Bad week for White Nationalists. According to the New York Times, the Washington Post and others, the only people like me who are not happy about getting involved in Syria, are called “White Nationalists!”  They make it derogatory to care about your own country, its borders, and its well-being. Anything short of an open door policy to the entire world to come drain us is racist don’t you know…

With that ignorance put aside, and trying to be serious for a moment, this really is disheartening. We all sent Trump to the White House to rebuild America. That stunt the other night was a Seventy Million Dollar waste of money. That was at least one bridge built in America. He may as well have just bomb one of our bridges, at least we know it would get rebuilt.

The president has the wrong people in his ear. There is no way doing anything in Syria can be shaped into something that is in America’s interest. Anyone who says that, is not being truthful and must miss playing with Stretch Armstrong because now they are stretching the truth. Why is our economy being held back? Where are the tax cuts? These tax cuts are the thing that will make all the magic happen and yet no tax cuts yet? What the hell is wrong with this administration?

Their priorities got all screwed up and we have all been betrayed. How on Earth is bombing Syria “Deconstructing the Administrative State” like Steve Bannon said? Where is their core? Who is in charge here? One thing is for certain. The swamp is winning and their creatures are feeding.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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