Why Single Payer Healthcare is Conservative

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Why Single Payer Healthcare is Conservative

Here we are again getting ready to revamp our healthcare system once more. Like last time, we are once again not considering “Medicare for All” or what is referred to as single payer. The Republican Party and the Conservatives in it, still proclaim the socialist boogieman mantra and scare the right-leaning folks away. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tells us this is our last chance or only chance to get rid of Obamacare. Well, don’t you believe that falsehood! Speaker Ryan tells us that it is a binary choice. Well, don’t believe that untruth either. It is only a binary choice if we agree to it being a binary choice. They work for us people! However, what never gets a platform is the people on the right who like Medicare for All and want to fund it properly or in a conservative way.

America Speaks Ink was formed in late 2008 and was very much there as former President Obama and his presidency started giving us Obamacare. We covered the subject quite a bit as I remember. I wrote a lot on it, including one blog in June of 2009 called Conservatism For Universal Healthcare where I laid out the folly of Republicans rejecting a single payer system. Now here we are once again having our government get involved with the most personal of issues to us, our health care.

For me, it is very hard to talk to anyone about the subject of healthcare in America who has not seen the film Sicko by Michael Moore. Republicans are told not to watch anything from Michael Moore because of who he is. Very similar to when I was growing up in the Catholic Church and they told us not to read this or that book or see the movie Last Temptation of Christ. So I am used to this kind of unreasonable request. Well, news flash folks, despite Mr. Moore’s political leanings, the man still does good movies from time to time. Ironically, his film Roger and Me was the first movie that led to the populist movement of Donald Trump. I’m not sure Michael realizes that yet, but he will soon enough as it settles in why Michigan voted for Donald Trump.

The film Sicko laid it out in the best way I had ever seen, how we are the only major country not using a single payer system. It gave us the truth of that beyond the propaganda you hear that we are the best at everything. So step one, go watch the film Sicko before you publicly say another word about healthcare, stop embarrassing yourselves.

The biggest argument I can make to a conservative on why single payer fits into their ideology without them realizing it is the free market. A conservative will tell you Medicare for All is socialism and that we need free market solutions for healthcare. They forget the fact that half of our nation is already on social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid or go to a V.A. Hospital, so we are only talking about the other half of our people. Most of them get their healthcare through their employer. Well, if a conservative cares about free market solutions, then why not take the cost of healthcare off of all of our American companies?

First, you take a ten year average for each company and individually look at the cost of their healthcare and round that out. Then, take that number and charge them a 25% tax and let them keep the other 75% of that money they have been spending, then you would help fund a single payer system. You would also unleash the companies to rule the global free market. American companies would be stronger to compete in a global market if the cost of healthcare was taken off of them. We pay for Medicare for All through a tax on the company and we also tax the worker. Your conservative values kick in because you are empowering the free markets with companies that can now compete better with labor costs. Also, your conservatism fits this, because you are making sure that a government program is actually funded properly and what is more conservative than that?

For way too long the voices on the right have not given a platform to those who believe in a single payer system because it does not fit into their conservative mindset told to them by others. However, Medicare for All is a very conservative notion if the conservative is intellectually honest with themselves. It is the biggest free market solution there is measured in actual dollars.

I will never forget the sight of the Tea Party protests holding signs telling Obama to keep his hands off of their Medicare. They had socialized medicine themselves, but they just did not want the other half of us to have it. When terrorists at Guantanamo Bay have better healthcare than tens of millions of Americans, you have to rethink what you believe. You have to ask yourself how did that happen and why are you putting up with it? Just go watch the movie Sicko. Don’t let another revamp of our nation’s healthcare system go by without being fully educated on the subject.

I am telling you the movie Sicko helps in that regard regardless of Michael Moore’s self-unawareness that he is a Populist more than he is a Democrat. Wait until he finds out his film Roger and Me was the first brick in the southern border wall. Michael, one day, will have a very deep cry when he realizes that film was the first shout into the American political ethos of the populist movement commandeered by Donald Trump. In fact, you Democrats can personally thank Michael Moore for President Donald Trump. I understand this will take many of you some time to realize this.


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