Who Was the Last Honest US Attorney General?

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Watching the current U.S. Attorney General dance between the semantical raindrops of truth and lies made me try to remember who was the last honest AG. Watching my fellow populist leaning brethren turn their collective heads to Jeff’s misleading lawyerly answers to the Russian connection out of some misguided loyalty to president Trump made me sad and uneasy. My only hope for intellectual honesty was found in the Tucker Carlson interview of Jeff Sessions on Thursday night’s show on March 2nd, 2017. Like a laser and without being accusatory, Tucker sliced and diced Sessions answers highlighting his lying under oath to congress during his confirmation process. Folks that frame this otherwise are not being honest.

People on the right should not look at this situation as pulling for your team kind of thing. The Russian question was not the only thing Jeff might have misled Congress about during his confirmation period. He also told more than one Senator that cracking down on legal marijuana was not on his or Trump’s priorities list. Trump said he believed in state’s rights in this regard and then Jeff prioritized going after it less than a month after getting the job. So, it looks like an argument can be made that there are two examples of Jeff Session misleading Congress (one under oath) to get the job of United States Attorney General and a spot in the Trump administration.

Now, I am no fan of the United States Attorneys General in the macro way of looking at them. I have certainly had my run-ins with the top cop with the late Janet Reno when I was younger. However, I at least want to feel like the person is worthy of the power handed to them in that position. The AG has the power to ruin people’s lives. They have the authority to take down a company, corporation or individual and blow up their very existence. So, when it comes to having someone in this extraordinary job, I at least hope for the trait of honesty.

So how far back do we have to go before we can undeniably find an honest United States Attorney General? How about the one before Jeff? How about Loretta Lynch? Well, I believe that little meeting with Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac in Arizona during the 2016 presidential election says all we need to know about her. No, Loretta was too much of a political animal to be anywhere near the virtue of honesty. So, let’s go back to the AG before her, Eric Holder. Well, four words come to mind with that AG that makes me look further back, “Operation Fast and Furious”. I’m afraid we’ll have to keep looking for our Easter Egg of honesty to head the Justice Department.

Do you see my point here? If we have to go back as far as Michael Mukasey looking for a United States Attorney General that is unquestionably honest, then we have a problem at the position of top cop folks. So, turning our heads once again to the current AG that plays around with the concept of truth, might not be advantageous for America. It certainly does not reflect well on people from the right to back Jeff Sessions when it comes to his lawyerly machinations with truth. It damn sure has no place in our populist movement, despite how much we love President Trump.


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