Trump Voters Back Freedom Caucus on Obamacare

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President Trump and his decision to back the House Republican Health plan is a big mistake. It is a clear mistake that does not need to happen. It is a stupid mistake. It is a mistake politically. It is a mistake for real people and their access to actual healthcare and not an opportunity to healthcare. It is a political blunder on a grand scale and an unnecessary thing to put Trump’s supporters through. In no measurable way, does Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan even come close to the campaign promises made repeatedly by Candidate Trump. President Trump’s enemies will have another political hammer to pound him with if he backs this Obamacare-lite plan put out by the establishment.

Candidate Trump went all around the country saying he was going to cover all the people with some kind of healthcare. He even said that he might cut deals with the nation’s hospitals to cover the people without healthcare. Candidate Trump told us this will anger the Republicans, but he will cover the people, “we must,” he said. Now fast forward to March of 2017 and it looks like the president is breaking a campaign promise and letting the establishment get their way.

The Freedom Caucus has a bill that has already passed congress once and with every single Republican voting for it, that flat-out repeals Obamacare. We were told that the president and the Republicans would repeal Obamacare on day one. That promise was broken! That is the bill the Freedom Caucus wants to be signed. The bill abolishes Obamacare like promised and gives the people a two-year grace period to stay on their insurance while President Trump and his party find a new way.

Now that bill is fair and it is what we were promised. I part ways with the Freedom Caucus after that, when it comes to replacing Obamacare. I want a single payer system that releases American Companies from the cost of healthcare and spurs the free market. Lifting the cost of healthcare off all American companies is the biggest free market solution there is, despite the cries of the socialist boogieman mantra types.

I want “Medicare for All” funded by conservatism. What is more conservative than properly funding and making sure a government program is paid for? But I feel like I do with immigration. I want comprehensive immigration solutions AFTER they build the wall and secure the border. Well, I want a new healthcare system, AFTER we repeal Obamacare. So, I say to the politicians and the Republican Party, do what you SAID you would do! President Trump, keep your word and sign the bill from the Freedom Caucus. You are nearly two months late on that campaign promise, sir. This is coming from one of the biggest Trump supporters in this country, me.

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