The Total Takedown of the Obama Presidency

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Watching the White House Press conference on 3/16/17 with White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney and Sean Spicer was illuminating. I’m going to attach the video of it with this blog. What was so extraordinary about this press conference was the substance. I know you are busy with life and maybe a daily briefing from the White House might sound boring. However, it will be time well spent. Within this video, this is the closest thing to an American Revolution, without shooting a single bullet, that you will ever see in a lifetime.

The revolution is here folks. It is here politically and without the arms. It is found in the video above. On this day, it was finally revealed to the world and anyone who would care to look, a new way of doing things. The Trump Administration and its blueprints were found in this press conference. This will be the total takedown of the Obama Agenda in its entirety. President Trump with the Republican Party behind him, will dismantle our government and rebuild a new one. There will be nothing left of the old guard. They have unveiled the roadmap to an entirely different way of governing. It is not just the destruction of the Obama Agenda, but the dismantling of our way of government our whole lives. It is incredible to behold. It is fanatical and I could not be happier.

This long overdue political revolution prioritizes our tax money. Like a laser, the money will be re-focused to operate more efficiently. No more throwing money at a problem as a solution. The Trump Agenda is going to be the most powerful shift in government in two hundred years. The unabashed, in your face approach to this realignment, is a political orgasm for many like myself, who has waited years for some kind of change like this.

I think I might land up only parting ways with what they are doing with healthcare or maybe a few more things. I want Medicare for all as a conservative free market solution. I want to take the cost and burden off of American companies and unleash those companies in the free market. I want to pay for a single healthcare system through our tax code. But that is not their agenda from what I can see, even though Trump spoke about it on the campaign trail. But I will keep hope ‘til the last minute that he will achieve that promise to America to cover everyone.

In the meanwhile, watch this video so you can understand where we are headed. And understand just one more thing. The only evidence that will be left that Barack Obama was our president, will be a picture hanging on the wall. Like a ghost, his presence will be gone in a flash, like he was never there.

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