Patriot Act Bad: Learning Lesson from Surveillance Scandal

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It is quite incredible watching one surveillance scandal after the other unfold. For years now, there have been many scandals involving surveillance. The latest involving a Democrat Party surveilling an incoming Republican Party’s transition team is fantastical. Then, the whole concept of one Republican member of an investigating congressional committee not telling the Democrat member of that committee that their party is watching his party, is wild to follow. It is sure a whole lot of gossip and scandal, but what does it really mean?

This my friends is the slippery slope that we all collectively went down, when we as a society, agreed to allow the Patriot Act. Together you and me, all of us, built up this surveillance state and now we wonder why it all has gone crazy. After 9/11 our nation lost its mind. Together we overreacted and collectively gave up our privacy and civil rights. An entire industry of surveillance and way of life sprung from this overreaction. Year after year, we allow our representative government to renew The Patriot Act over and over again. That law and others like it, have put us in this psychosomatic security, where we think we are safe, but it is all in our heads. Meanwhile, the governmental cretins are feeding and they are watching you through your TV.

I’m Generation X and I remember the anti-drug TV commercial that showed a kid doing drugs and the father walks in and catches him. The dad asks, “Where did you learn this?” and the kid screams, “You, Dad! You taught me!” Well, in a way, that applies here. When we ask ourselves how did we get here or how did we learn to accept this, we have to collectively say, “You, Uncle Sam! You taught us!” Or at least George Orwell did.

It is very simple. We brought this upon ourselves. We continue to bring this on ourselves. We gave up our liberty for security and now we have neither. Just like we were taught when we were young. So the lesson learned here is clear. Stop allowing the re-authorization of the Patriot Act and other laws like it. And deal with those pesky terrorists without it. I mean, it is not like we are free of terrorism with these laws. Just like the 9/11 official report, you have been fooled.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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