Mar-a-Lago: White House South

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President Trump in Florida

I heard it called the Southern White House or the Winter White House but that does not fit. Clearly President Trump will be using Mar-a-Lago throughout all the seasons. So, for me, I think we should settle on White House South. It has a nice ring to it. Being a Floridian I love the fact the president comes down every weekend to Florida. If America is the melting pot, then Florida is the melting pot of the melting pot. He is welcome.

I have noticed the obstreperous hubbub of critics that are complaining about the cost to the taxpayer when the president comes down each weekend. Usually, that complaint is ruminating from a Democrat and the irony of that is laughable. Democrats are not known to care about such things as budgets and costs of things. They see our whole government as their personal credit card that they redistribute the tax money here and there to enjoy their social justice orgasms. So, when I hear the bellyaching about our president coming down the Mar-a-Largo every weekend, I can see the perennial hypocrisy bloom in the garden of the absurd.

President Donald Trump has already saved us billions of dollars on waste that he has found in overcharging contractors. Whether it is money he has saved us on planes or his move to require U.S. steel on pipelines, the man has already paid to come down to Florida every day if he wanted. He has barely started to identify where our tax money is being wasted. The hate directed at this man and his family says more about the haters than it does the Trump family. The news networks that give platforms to this hatred hidden behind budgets and tax concerns as a legit news story also sings in the same hypocritical chorus.

Here is how I feel. The American President can come and go as he damn well pleases. If he wants to go to lunch on a Stealth Bomber or jump on a rocket to visits the Space Station, the president can travel wherever he wants to and as often as he wants to. This American president has already paid his way. Let him have his White House South I say.

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