Judge Neil Gorsuch Is No Antonin Scalia

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I have been watching every minute of the Senate Hearings for Supreme Court Nominee for Judge Neil Gorsuch. I wanted to learn more about this guy. I wanted to see the man on the famous Supreme Court list put out by President Donald Trump. Who was this guy? Was he really Antonin Gregory Scalia’s replacement and is he worthy? I had many questions and I am a sucker for this kind of civics. This is the kind of thing I do not miss. Some people tape on their DVRs shows like The Real Housewives of this or that or some vacuous sitcom or two. Me, however, well I’m the kind of political geek that proudly tapes a C-Span hearing on a nominee for the Supreme Court and watches every minute of it.

This time around I wanted to get a real sense of the man. I did not know much about him. I found out he did not make the first list of judges Candidate Trump put out and was later added to it on a second list. I did not even know there were two lists until I watched the hearings. I’m pretty inside baseball for politics and I didn’t even know there was a second wave of a list handed to Candidate Trump to help cement his alliance with the conservatives in the Republican Party. I learned a lot about some things I was unaware of following this hearing.

In the end, the Senators stand in judgment of the judge sitting before them. The Senate has to make a value judgment about the person and whether or not to give them a lifetime appointment to a job where that person will have the last word on all of America’s arguments. Every single time I watch one of these, I am reminded that the person is not required to be a lawyer or a judge. Most people do not realize, but it is not required for a person to be anywhere near the law to be appointed to the Supreme Court. You can send the mailman or the dog catcher to the bench. All that is required is that the person come from the world of common sense.

Speaking from the right, it was clear to me that Senator Al Franken of Minnesota exposed a shadow of a doubt, when it comes to Gorsuch’s common sense in at least one of his rulings. The case of a trucking company and their right to fire a freezing-cold trucker in Illinois, a case on which Gorsuch ruled as an appeals court judge, was illuminating to me in regards to the common sense of the judge, or lack there of.

I’m not quite sure why the right-wing thinks this man is going to carry their water ideologically speaking or is a Scalia replacement. Judge Neil Gorsuch’s politics are certain Republican, but his rulings seem to be more down the middle than hardline conservative to me. If I were advising President Trump and my goal was to find a Scalia lookalike, I’d keep searching. But what do I know, I’m one of the last of the Mohicans, I’m a liberal Republican.

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