Dear Friends I’m Not a Fascist

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Dear Friends, I’m Not a Fascist because I support President Donald Trump. Can we at least say that supporting President Trump carries with it unique challenges not limited to defending one’s self against Fascism? Even with people I know, who lean left politically, I can tell they think I’m under some spell or something. It feels like they think I am somehow being fooled or secretly be herded lockstep into something very dark. Half of this country has flat out lost their freaking minds and it is not the sixty-two million people who voted for Donald Trump.

The people that hang on to every word the president says and attaches literal meanings to everything are so separated from reality. So much so, that from our vantage point, it looks like you’re spinning like a top. They simply do not get it. They see a boogieman behind every colloquial nuance the president speaks in. These people do not speak “common man” and need foreign languages classes to apperceive what is going on with their president. So much is being lost in translation. They do not understand that the well-spoken people and establishment types have had controlled of our nation for decades and has done us great harm.

Half of this nation has attached evil intentions to everything this president does and says. They truly believe that the Trump family is some nefarious group that has hijacked the nation for selfish and financial malfeasance. It is completely insane to think this way, yet half of our nation seems to believe it. They see President Trump as the second coming of Hitler. They do not understand the man and his whole family is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They miss the fact that these people care about our country and wanted to help put it back on track after decades of wandering in the stalled growth desert.

My dear friends, please don’t worry about me. I’m not being fooled by anybody. Liberalism and Conservatism have both failed our nation. The president’s victory was a victory for Populism. I’m a populist now. I’m a nationalist. I care about our nation and want to put it first. I am not an open borders guy. I am not a globalist. I believe those forces are extremely harmful to the success of our nation. I believe this movement that Donald Trump speaks for is our last chance to rip this country away from the career politicians and give a businessman a chance to fix it.

In truth, I believe it is “you” who are being manipulated by the corporatist and Deep State types to hold on to the present state of affairs. The pleasantries and political experience you crave is your Linus van Pelt blanket. Status quo Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. We want to light your blanket on fire. Politically and metaphorically speaking of course. I realize you all take every word literally.

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