Casey Anthony is Aging Well

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Casey Anthony has broken her long silence and did some interviews with the Associated Press. Over the next week, the AP will release a five-day unfolding interview with Casey Anthony. From the recent photos, we can see that Casey is certainly aging well. When I wrote my book The Casey Anthony Trial – The Prosecution Of Beauty.  I titled it that because I believed it was all about beauty. It is my opinion if Casey looked like Martha Raddatz nobody would have ever heard about her. The fact that she was and still is a good looking woman was the magnet that still draws people. There are countless babies that die at the hands of their mother that we never hear about. There is also a racial component to it. I cannot think of a single comparison in the black community to juxtapose next to the Casey Anthony Trial. I don’t remember the public going nuts over any missing black kid like they did with this scenario. This was always about beauty and being white, the beauty of Casey, her gorgeous baby Caylee and their white skin made this a phenomenon. Any other explanation for the notoriety of this case is just plain spurious.

Our society is obsessed with beauty. According to the National Institute on Media and Family via the University of Washington, in a survey taken by girls 9 and 10 years old, 40 percent of them have tried to lose weight and by “age thirteen, 53% of American girls are ‘unhappy with their bodies.’ This grows to 78% by the time girls reach seventeen.”

Let us not forget that Larry Flynt offered Casey a half a million dollars to pose nude for Hustler Magazine. There was a reason Larry was willing to shell out that kind of money. He knew he could make a fortune because men like myself would have gone out and bought that issue.

Say what you want about Casey Anthony but she will always be a part of our public identity. I hope she has found some peace in her life. Whatever truly went down all those years ago was the mistakes of a young mother not ready for motherhood. How many of you would want to be judged for your decision making in your 20s? I damn sure don’t like it. I have made mistakes in my youth and I am sure many of you have too. Maybe our mistakes did not end up with a baby dying but who among us wants to be judged by them? At the end of the day, our fascination with the Casey Anthony Trial says more about us as a society than it does about a young beautiful woman who was not ready for motherhood.

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