Another President Focus On Healthcare Not Economy

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Two presidents in a row now and while America is screaming for jobs and someone to fix the economy, the presidential focus becomes healthcare once again. I will never forget the sight of President Obama in the middle of the economic crisis in 2009 ignoring the millions out of work and losing their homes and focusing on healthcare. To focus on jamming some healthcare plan down the throats of Americans while they were screaming for help was horrible to watch. Now, once again we have another president chasing that shiny object of healthcare and not prioritizing on tax cuts and the economy.

The establishment is rolling President Trump on almost every single thing he promised the American people. The president is being fooled by parliamentary tricks and D.C. falsehoods or at least that is what it looks like from afar. So many promises were broken when nothing was done on day one. On the top of that list is the promise to get rid of Obamacare day one. That still has not happened. Where are the new bridges and roads? Where are the tax cuts for regular people and American companies? Why are we talking about healthcare before we build the wall? One promise after the other by candidate Trump is being obliviated.

I promised myself I would give this president a chance and judge him in four years and I will. I am a huge fan. However, if this start is any indication of what it is going to be like, many will just walk away from politics forever. President Trump needs a big shake up of the people around him. Steve Bannon needs to save this presidency and get us back on the populist track we all voted for and away from the conservative establishment’s yoke and its failures.

Why are the conservatives in the Republican Party acting like conservatism won this election? Sixteen conservatives were laid to waste in this last election in the Republican primary season. Populism won, not the entrenched establishment. Someone needs to remind Paul Ryan and Company this. President Trump needs to stop going to these dog and pony shows each day. He needs to refuse to attend the presidential schedule put in front of him each day. He needs time to think. He needs time to recalibrate this whole thing. Walking a president, any president, from one meeting to another, jumping through one hoop after the other, all day, every day, leaves no time for a president to think. The fact that this president is backing Ryancare is a glaring red flag that he is losing the pulse of the people.

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