Is the Priority All About His Ego?

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Is the Priority All About His Ego

With the 9th District Court’s ruling against restoring Trump’s travel ban, we have a significant opportunity to see if President Trump’s priority is his ego or the safety of the United States and its citizens.

The road to a final decision on Executive Order 13769 may be long. Getting to that decision could take longer than the timeframe stated in the order. If the threat of terrorists potentially entering the country is a matter of immediate urgency, then Trump’s Twitter statement, “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” is counterintuitive to the stated urgency.

The President could consult with his newly confirmed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and other legislators to draft another executive order which addresses the issues raised regarding Executive Order 13769. The perceived flaws have been identified and could be addressed in a new executive order without thoroughly diluting the intention of the original order.

For the sake of clarity regarding the powers of the President, the constitutionality of the original order itself, the standing of the State of Washington, and the Judicial Branch’s role in our system of checks and balances, let the first order be sorted out by the courts and, if necessary, escalated to the Supreme Court. In the interim, a new Executive Order could put in place to provide the protections deemed necessary by the White House.

President Trump has an opportunity right now to prove many of his critics wrong. If there is an urgent need to protect the US from terrorism by more carefully controlling and vetting those who seek entry, he can act immediately and swiftly to create the ability to do so. If he stands his ground and defends the merits of the original Executive Order, he will be disregarding the stated urgency and exposing the Order to potentially being overturned entirely.

Can President Trump acknowledge that a better executive order could be written, and proceed to do so? That’s a question that points to the underlying concern of many Americans: Is Trump’s ego able to withstand the dual roles of being the President of the United States – both leader and public servant?


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