Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle

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On the weekend of July 11th and 12th, 2015, Donald Trump went to Las Vegas and then down to Phoenix, Arizona. He spoke in front of incredible crowds to talk about the problems America has down on the southern border. It was an electric speech that brought forth family members of the slain people who had been killed by an illegal alien. Donald Trump stood on a platform and called people out by name. He started to talk about the true nature of politicians and the press. He spoke about a meeting he had with Comcast, NBC, and others behind the scenes. As soon as he started to do this, one television channel after the other started to cut the live event from airing. Some refused to even cover it. One by one, I followed each channel to take down the live feed. I ran to my desk and pulled up live streams of the event on the internet from my computer. There too, the live streaming started to get cut one after the other. I chased live stream feeds all over the internet going black on the event. Then, after all of this effort, I still could not get the entire speech, because of the powers that be and their actions against Trump.

Watching the corporations block my ability to hear what this man was saying enraged me. You see, I never watched a single episode of the TV show Apprentice. All I knew about Donald Trump throughout my nearly fifty years on Earth was that he was a real estate mogul and very successful. I knew nothing of the reality star Trump, so I was curious to see what he was standing for as a presidential candidate for the 2016 presidential election. I had to wait until the next day when someone posted the entire speech on YouTube before I could view it in its entirety. I was blown away with his style and what he was saying. I often had been desirous for America to have a true businessman step in and see if he could fix things. Ross Perot, Steve Forbes, and Mitt Romney were just a few of the people in my lifetime who left me wondering what my country would be like if a businessman ran it.

Now after listening to the whole speech the next day on YouTube, I sent the video to many people I know to watch. I have both Democrats and Republicans in my life, so I could get a true sense of how Donald was playing across the political divide. In both cases, I got emails back from the left and the right saying they were voting for Trump. Right away I knew something was going on here with the people that the press and the corporations were hiding from us. Then I watched how the so-called establishment took the next step and started to proactively take the Donald Trump candidacy down. Watching this transpire I knew that my next book would be about covering this anomaly. I wanted to write a book about the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and cover his run for the White House.

The powers to be had a lot to lose if Trump was going to be put in a position to be a watchman over them and our country. They would do anything and everything to stop Trump. This book is the outsider’s view of this struggle. Here in this book, we will cover the whole battle. Here we can say to the press, “We have a room with a view and we are watching you!”

The week of July 19th through the 25th, 2015 was a nonstop media roller coaster surrounding Donald Trump. The Republican establishment went after Donald with a vengeance as he reached number one in the polls. Senator John McCain called all the people that went to see Trump speak in Arizona “crazies” and Donald smacked back with ill-advised comments about McCain’s war record. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry stepped into the mix calling for Trump to leave the presidential race and other candidates who were being over-shadowed by the press’s coverage of Donald chimed in with their personal insults against Trump.

We all viewed a schoolyard fight within the Republican establishment and the press. I apperceived immediately this was going to be one of the most entertaining presidential seasons in my lifetime. Then, the next week of July 27th to July 31st, 2015 authors of the book Game Change, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin dropped the footage of a New Hampshire focus group they conducted that exploded onto the political scene. The focus group revealed to the whole world once and for all what kind of people were supporting Trump and why. No longer could the people supporting Trump be called crazy. It was now crystal clear that Trump supporters came from all walks of life and had enough of career politicians. This was hands down the most amazing political focus group I think I have ever seen. They were supporting Donald from all walks of life because they felt like he was one of us. Watching the political pundits spend the whole week coming to terms with the fact they needed to treat Donald Trump seriously was delicious to watch. Now the first week of August leading up to the first Republican Debate on Fox news was swirling with possibilities, and people from the media world that were reporting this could be the most watched debate ever. This was a great time for lifelong political junkies like myself. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was interesting.

I woke up at 4 am on August 8th, 2015 because I could not sleep. It was the morning of the first presidential debate for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential cycle. As soon as my eyes opened my brain realized it was debate day and my mind started racing. My whole life going back to when I was a kid, I had been a follower of politics. It was like a soap opera to me, but it was real life. I was the only kid I knew of that would wake up Sunday mornings and couldn’t wait until Mass and CCD were over so I could rush home and catch This Week with David Brinkley. I started to follow politics as a young kid during the Reagan years. I was consumed with all things politics and here I am forty-six years of age, waking up debate morning like it was Christmas and I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought. However, it was not Saint Nick that was bringing a bag full of goodies. This time it was Fox News that I could kiss under the mistletoe. I could kiss those right wingers for bringing all of us the most highly anticipated debate of all time, wrapped up in a bow sitting under the tree of democracy. I spent days listening to pundits try to predict what was going to happen. As I sit here and type this book in real time I can truly say I have no idea what is going to happen. All I know is everyone pulling for Trump was on edge waiting for him to screw it all up. For many Americans the prospect of having the entire political world turned upside down by a billionaire who answered to no one and did not give a crap was priceless. For me personally, I realized I wanted Trump to succeed. I too was sick of the status quo and even though most of what this man believed and stood for was anathematic to me, I didn’t care. I just wanted America to be great again and maybe this over the top egomaniac, could shake things up and bring our nation back to glory again. Heck, how about just feeling good about ourselves again? How about just stopping the rest of the world from draining our nation through unbalanced trade deals and countless calls for us to be the world’s policeman. I just could not wait for the debate. I chose to go back to sleep that morning and try to get some rest. The debates would not start for hours and I did not want to be tired that day. I was up too early.

Later that day, with anticipation, I sat and watched what turned out to be the most watched debate of its kind. Fox News had twenty-four million people tune in according to Nielson ratings. How on Earth we still measure things like that with some twentieth-century form of obscurity is beyond me, but the debate broke cable news records. Stunningly, the entire debate was a political hit job on Donald Trump who was not happy about his treatment. The press put out the narrative that the man showed without a shadow of a doubt that he did not have the temperament, understanding of his own declarations or political knowledge to be president of the local PTA, let alone the United States of America. The public rejected what the press did and days later Trump’s poll numbers went up. Every single non-politician and Ted Cruz, the constant protester in Washington, all went up in the polls. The top five Republican candidates were reshuffled with Trump on top at number one and every single career politician fell out of the top ten including former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, and sitting governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, who were one and two respectively going into the debate. From a peripheral viewpoint, it looked like America had enough of business as usual. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Gene Robinson wrote Trump had what he called “The Godzilla Effect” wherein which, electricity just made him stronger.

Toward the end of August 2015, Trump was leading by far in every single poll there was. Collectively all of the people who have never held public office made up over fifty percent of the vote. There was something going on the press could not get their collective minds around. Everything they thought they knew about political science was being upended by the population of America. There was even a sign of a similar phenomenon happening in the Democratic Primary Race surrounding Senator Bernie Sanders. In many cases, you watched TV in the summer of 2015 waiting to see some pundit’s head explode. I pondered in what field of work someone could be so wrong in doing their job and still keep that job. Even the weatherman was right half the time. What was happening in the Political Science world was an earthquake. It was Polyseismic and it was all Trump. It was tagged by the mainstream media “The Summer of Trump.”

By the time Labor Day weekend came around in September of 2015 the entire political world was consumed by Donald Trump’s run for the Republican nomination. The party forced Trump into signing a pledge that stated he would not run as a third party if he were to lose the race. Trump, believing he was solidly in first place and reminded of the hassles of a third party run, gave in to the party’s demand. However, any objective glance of Trump and his beliefs revealed he was no more a Republican than Barrack Obama earning a Nobel Peace Prize.

What the whole American political operatic was missing at the time was that Trump blurred all of the traditional political lines and borders. His appeal drew from all walks of life including Democrats. The year 2015 unveiled the biggest political revolution I had ever seen in my lifetime. It was like the entire nation had enough of career politicians and was in the full-scale revolt of Washington D.C. and all that surrounds it.

For me personally, my political evolution had an arch to it that spanned many years. I was for most of my life a hardcore Republican that believed in all of the tenants taught to me. I accepted Side Supply Economics and was from a generation where that was actually taught in high school economics class. I was taken hook, line, and sinker into the notion of the money trickling down from the top. I believed the government was bad and we did not need much of it. I was taught to hate the entire New Deal and the nation’s safety net. I was a foot soldier in public shaming of people on welfare or food stamps. I railed against a single-payer healthcare system and fell for the socialized medicine propaganda put out by the right. I was in every way, a mind-numbed right-wing robot.

It took the biggest event of my lifetime to rip me out of that malicious political machine that hailed rugged individualism over the Christian concept of “my brother’s keeper” that was taught to me by the Catholic Church. It took an earthquake to jolt me out of the political fog and that odious belief system. It took the economic crash of 2008 to finally open my eyes to the lies that were taught to me most of my life by the Republican Party and its leaders. When Wall Street pulled off the biggest bank heist in the history of the world and raided the Treasury Department for a trillion dollars, my political eyes opened. When I watched a Republican White House bail out all the banks and left millions of people homeless and jobless, my political soul was awakened.

When I saw people could not just load up their covered wagons in 2008 and go west to start over, I was reborn politically. I saw in real time that rugged individualism had no place in modern America when all of a sudden Americans woke up to having no job, no home and nowhere to go. Short of an armed insurrection, all we had was government, the same government that put us in that hole was the same government to keep millions afloat. Extended unemployment checks, food stamps, and Medicaid was the only thing between us and a full-blown blood revolution. To this day I cannot believe Americans did not pick up arms against its own government after they and the banks robbed us all. I am grateful that it did not happen. I would not want to live in such times. I’m a peaceful person. My fighting days have long passed. I don’t want war. I’m an old man now and war is for the young to fight.

After 2008 I saw the Republican Party still shame people hanging on the nation’s safety net. They called millions of unemployed people who lost their careers and jobs, due to no fault of their own, “Bums.” They called millions “Lazy.” The Republican Party publicly apologized to the BP Corporation while their oil was bleeding into the waters destroying the Gulf of Mexico. They took the side of big business, big banks and everything they did was anathematic to the nation’s self-interests. I stood in a puddle of personal shame that I was ever associated with the Republican Party after all of that. I drowned in my ocean of disgust realizing I was on the wrong side of America, my Church and the fellow brethren in the republic. How anyone could still believe in that belief system after all that is beyond me. This shift in my beliefs happened simultaneously alongside my wife. She went through the same awakening with me watching her family business of twenty years collapse under the weight of the fraud committed by Wall Street. She watched the propaganda machine convince her own parents that they just lost their family business because poor people bought homes they could not afford. Together we separated ourselves from everything we were taught by the right and lost connection with friends and family who still wade in the river of lies. They could not relate to us anymore. We no longer believed what they believed and it created a chasm within our personal relationships. It was both a painful and hurt filled process as we left the political tribe, but I was so grateful I did not have to do it alone and that I had a woman who cared about the truth.

Now the country was certainly not having that profound of a change in their belief system as my wife and I, but collectively they had enough of career politicians. By Labor Day of 2015 Trump, Farina, Carson, and Cruz constituted the majority vote in the Republican nomination process. To call it an anti-establishment wave was an understatement. This was a political tsunami that might wash away the usual suspects. It was an earthquake in political science. It was Polyseismic and it was fun to watch.

On the evening of September 16th, 2015, CNN gathered all the Republican hopefuls and lined them all up in front of the nation. CNN stood them in front of the airplane Ronald Reagan used to fly around in. The airplane was inside the building at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum in California. They had a debate event earlier in the night at 6 pm EST for the diluted politicians that could not make the adult stage. It was like any family dinner that you look at from afar. At the kid’s table, they were all yelling and screaming while indulging in their infantile antics. After the so-called happy hour debate was over the main stage and debate started at 8 pm EST and went for three long hours. When that ended, Carly Farina who escaped the kid’s debate table due to her elevated performance at the last so-called cocktail debate, outshined all of the men. The second Republican debate put on by CNN could only be described as an instigated food fight. By the next day, it was the consensuses of the political world that the debate was only an exercise by CNN to cash in on some extended ad money and not anything put on for people searching for the truth about the candidates and their positions. It was the highest rated CNN show in its history and the network was in full bloom self-denial of their complicities in our nation’s destruction. Two debates had transpired by mid-September and both of them were co-opted and infected by the networks and corporate greed. The American public was robbed of any chance at a true and honest debate about the issues of the day. The entire process mirrored a reality show. Tens of millions of people who watched the debates were no closer to understanding the policies of who wanted the world’s top job than they knew before it all started. It was a complete and utter carnival show. I felt sorry for the young people who might be tuning into politics for the first time. I felt an entire generation slipping between democracy’s fingers. It made me feel sick about it all.

The summer turned into the fall and by the weekend of October 10th, 2015 people started to come to terms with the fact Trump could win the Republican nomination. Donald went to the top of the polls almost immediately after announcing and never let go of the lead month after month. He was a full-fledged political juggernaut and by mid–October if you were still doubting he could get the Republican nomination, then you were denying reality.

At the very same time, the House of Representatives fell into complete chaos when the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, announced he was stepping down one day after the Speaker met the Pope in person. The next guy in line, Kevin McCarthy, became a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard and he also stepped down before even getting the job, due to some ill-advised comments on Hilary Clinton and the Benghazi Hearings. He revealed to the public that the Benghazi hearings were not an attempt to get to the bottom of what happened in Libya. Kevin slipped on camera and told the press the hearings were to take down Mrs. Clinton’s poll numbers. The man was a political idiot and should never be allowed to practice the craft of politics again or at least without adult supervision. The party was completely devoid of leadership on every level. The entire Republican establishment was unwinding. In my entire life, I had never seen anything like the political season of 2015. Looking at it from outside in the whole thing seemed to be ripping itself apart. The two-party system I grew up with was unrecognizable to my political eye.

On Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 the Democrat Party had their first debate for their presidential nomination on CNN. That boring night of debate revealed once and for all the Dems were going to nominate another Clinton. Bernie Sanders made clear through his actions he was not going to do what he had to do and take Clinton on. He said he was sick of hearing about her “Damn emails” and lacked the courage to confront her shadiness. So, there was no way he had a chance of winning the nomination. All the other people on their stage that night for the Democrats were nothing short of embarrassing in their lack of having any chops to run a hot dog stand, let alone a presidential campaign.

What became clear in mid-October of 2015 was that the stars were aligning to have a Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump match up for control of the White House in the 2016 election. All that was left was whether or not Donald could hold to his lead and make it through to the end on his side. People were already describing one day after the Democrat Debate that a Clinton vs. Trump debate would be like a Pay-Per-View Event. My own wife was referring to Donald Trump as our next president. I just was not sure yet. I still could not pull the trigger on that reality. Everything I knew about Political Science was breaking down in front of my eyes. Was the country really going to make Donald Trump the next President of the United States? The rest of the world was watching. I was watching.

October’s first debate turned on a dime when the CNBC staff asking the questions went off the rails getting very personal. The Republican candidates banned together and as a team went after the liberal-leaning mainstream press live on TV. The crowd applauded when Ted Cruz started the Republican revolt against the quality of the debate questions. Meanwhile, amongst the hubbub, Jeb Bush found another way to have a horrible debate and once again Trump walked away as the clear winner. Donald ended the debate reminding people he negotiated the debate they were watching from three hours down to two hours with the networks. He said he did it so people can now move on with the rest of their night. Once again America was reminded that Trump was and always will be the master of The Art of the Deal and collectively wondered how he could do with the country as a whole. After the debate, there was a full-fledged attack on NBC and their reporters by the candidates, other news networks, and the RNC. The weekend following the debate the candidates themselves or their staff gathered at a meeting to discuss how debates would be moving forward. It was almost like the presence of Donald Trump made the candidates realize for the very first time they could negotiate things and that they had power. In real time I was watching the RNC be stripped of raw power and how the entire two-party structure was crumbling in front of my eyes. I was so joyful in the presence of such caged inner feelings I had toward the establishment. Times were changing and I could not be happier. The people were fighting back against the machine and Trump was their Pied Piper. Even Joe Scarborough of the Morning Joe, reported live on TV that his co-host Mika Brzezinski was telling him her Democrat friends were saying they would vote for Trump. One diplomat after the other was coming back from overseas from all corners of our planet stating all anyone abroad wanted to talk about was Trump. In the fall of 2015, it was as if the planet itself was consumed with Donald Trump. It was Political Science on a global scale. It was exciting to watch.

Just briefly Doctor Ben Carson took the lead away from Trump with a couple of polls taken in November but that was short lived as the world took a closer look at the doctor and his views. An avalanche of madness ensued as the good doctor’s past and current thoughts on things surfaced. From trying to kill his own mother with a hammer to his thoughts of Egyptian pyramids, Ben Carson proved to be no match for Trump. The vetting process proved to be quite revealing when they peeled back the onion that was Doctor Ben Carson. It was going to take more than some whacked out a doctor to bring the Trump candidacy down. The Republican Establishment was going to need a plan.

By New Year’s Eve Trump had the political world by its short hairs. Offending every voting group thinkable, Donald stood at the end of 2015 on top of all of the polls but one.

As the calendar turned and 2016 arrived I could not help but ponder what has happened to America. Our political system was revealed to be too corrupt, so bought or so completely non-responsive to the people, that it all turned into a reality show. All my life I have followed politics as a sport, a soap opera or even something true and noble. I was a kid who grew up on Ronald Reagan and David Brinkley. My leaders were bigger than life and my political pundits were smart as a whip and uncorrupted. Or at least that is how I glamorized it. True or false my perceptions, I was always drawn to politics.

I was part of the right-wing club. I came of age as an adult on Talk Radio. I had a liberal side to me about sex and drugs. However, I believed in side-supply economics and came from a generation where that was taught in high school. I fell for the liberal/conservative and every right/left argument that was fed to us like sheep or cattle. Later in life, I kept circling back to the same event. Everything I believed in was shattered during the biggest event of my lifetime. Overnight I came to realize that my entire belief system was built on a mountain of falsehoods. The economic crash of 2008 was the single biggest event of my time on Earth. I watched while the biggest bank heist in the history of man was pulled off by a handful of suits on one city block in Manhattan. It was an incredible sight that to this day not many people truly understand and not one perpetrator was held to account.

I sat back and watched millions lose their homes and jobs. I watched small businesses be crushed. I watch an economic virus be spread throughout the entire world. It took me years to figure out the entire event was a distraction. A shiny object for the world to chase while a handful of really smart people rigged the game. As technology took off and the market became digital. Some sneaky folks placed a computer algorithm at a certain spot on the information highway that snatched up trading data micro-seconds before the world got to see it and traded on it like a lightning bolt to gain the system. While the world was chasing down credit default swaps and bundled mortgages the real thieves were rigging the game. Wall Street and the entire market became a fraud right under everyone’s noses. That signal detour still exists today. They are still gaming the system as I type this. There was a book written about it, TV shows trying to reveal this and still the government has done nothing. One poor slob created another market for people to trade fairly on, but the public really does not know this stuff. Americans do not understand any of this. They still believe the whole thing happened because too many people got houses they could not afford.

Forget the fact that at the very moment of the crash over 90% of all mortgages in America were in good standing. The sheeple were convinced that somehow they were to blame for buying big houses they could not pay for. I could go on and on about this event, but why bother. I only bring this up because of its relationship to my changing view on politics. I believed in personal responsibility. That we make our own way and are in charge of our destiny. The problem was that I saw in real time this was just not true. People in the year 2008 could not just load up the covered wagons and head west to start over, as I said before. The very people who got crushed by Wall Street and Washington DC had to fall back on the very people and institutions that raped them. Social programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and extended unemployment benefits were all millions of people had. They all became blindfolds and Band-Aids for the powerful. The small government ideology that was instilled in me was eviscerated right in front of my eyes. The free market I was taught and believed it existed dried up all of the credit for years while they gorged on their plunder. Too big to fail became bigger. The entire nightmare had spilled down into consumer confidence and our politics at large. It flooded into our very belief in our own institutions. The anger bubbled up over the years and it brought us, Trump. The only reason why I pull for the guy is that he is such a monkey wrench for the powerful shadows that lurk around our bank accounts, small businesses, jobs, and future. The man is simply uncontrollable. It brings me joy to watch them panic. I wrap myself in a blanket of schadenfreude with a thunderous belly laugh every time Trump gains strength.

As 2016 started to unfold, Trump was becoming more and more confident that he could win this thing. Hillary Clinton, making the classic mistake sport teams make or boxers when they look ahead to an upcoming struggle. They glaze over the task in front of them. She forgot about her primary fight with Bernie Sanders and started a fight with Donald by calling him a sexist. That was it for Trump. As far as he saw it, this was a green light to start pounding the Clintons on Bill’s abuse of so many women and Hillary’s role in destroying the women who publicly accused her husband of everything from rape to flashing them by dropping his trousers. Trump hit the Clintons so hard that almost overnight they rolled themselves up into the fetal position and stopped saying anything about Trump. In one-episode, Trump showed the world he was the one that could beat the Clinton machine. He made Bill look like a tired old man, even though the two were the same age. It was an incredible sight to see. Trump even made the couple look afraid.

Finally, Feb 1st, 2016 came and the voting began. Going into the Iowa Caucuses Donald Trump was now ahead in the polls and expected to win. People told Donald to skip that state because of all of the religious people. He was told he could not win there. Now any other politician I knew of would take that advice and skip Iowa and go work on New Hampshire. Not Donald Trump. No, he could not give up on Iowa. He worked that state for weeks on end and by the day of the vote he was ahead in the most important poll that was very famous for accuracy. The Des Moines Register newspaper had him ahead of Ted Cruz. Once the voting stopped and all of the political fog lifted, Trump had lost Iowa. He came into second place right behind Ted Cruz. That changed the media narrative surrounding Trump and his brand of winning. Trump realized that all of that media domination up to the Iowa vote did not translate into votes. He got more votes than anyone else in the history of the Republican Primary season in Iowa, except for Ted Cruz. So his amazing finish and come back in that state were now being spuriously shaped in media circles as a terrible loss for Trump.

Suddenly, it looked like Donald Trump was limping into New Hampshire. February 6, 2016, came around and that evening was a Republican debate just nights before the New Hampshire vote was to start. Going into this debate Donald Trump had a lot on the line. That night Trump did fine. That debate will be remembered in Political Science for the moment where Chris Christie ripped the bark off of Marco Rubio. Like a political surgeon, Christie cut deep into the fraud and empty suit known a Marco Rubio. He revealed once and for all the glaring emptiness of that politician. Soon people dressed as robots starting following Marco around. He earned a new nickname, Robotio. While Marco’s career took a Rick Perry kind of turn into irrelevance, Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Primary. The race for the nomination was officially on. The question to be answered was whether or not the South could stomach this brass New Yorker or even vote for him.

On Feb 13th, 2016 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead from natural causes. Scalia’s death happened on the day of the Republican Debate in South Carolina. This one event changed the entire 2016 presidential election season. All our lives we are told that this is the most important election of our time. In 2016 that axiom became real. Not only were Americans now choosing a president, but the entire direction of the Supreme Court would accompany that vote. Whoever was going to win would be able to tilt the court to either the left or the right ideologically for a generation. In a weird string of events, the most entertaining and cartoonish election of my life turned on a dime to the most important. The implications were prodigious on many levels. The debate that night in South Carolina devolved into an embarrassing race to the bottom on every level. The debate itself seems small in the shadow of Scalia’s death. Not a single person on that stage stood up to the smarts and integrity of the departed justice. Scalia loomed like a giant. The men on the stage that night looked and sounded like children. When the debated ended, no one won anything. The behavior on stage left people from the right simply shaking their heads in shame.

The poor performances at the debate, including Trump, had no bearing on the race. The South Carolina Primary came around and Trump won by a landslide. In a state that is not winner take all, but proportionate delegates, Trump walked away with every single delegate. It was a stunning and crushing result that sent Jeb Bush packing. After throwing everything at a win, Bush lost big time. Trump sent Jeb Bush back to Florida with what will be a political case study taught in colleges for generations. It was Polyseismic and nothing less. Days later the Nevada Caucus came around. A state where Rubio could call a home state in which he lived up to the eighth grade, was on the line.

Nevada came and went and Trump crushed the field and blew everyone out. Donald broke all the records and brought more people to come to support him than anyone imagined. Three states in a row were won by Donald and set off alarm bells throughout Washington DC. The media had nothing short of a complete meltdown. Politics had never been more fun to follow.

Fast forward to May of 2016 and Donald Trump was the only Republican standing. He dispatched the entire field and became the presumptive nominee. Ted Cruz and John Kasich were the last two to go, but in the dust of the race, politicians were branded forever. Donald Trump so clearly defined so many politicians that we Americans will never forget: Little Marco and Lying Ted. Low Energy Jeb would be politically tattooed for all of time. By May of 2016 Trump was trying to put together a transition team to go after Mrs. Clinton and Hilary was still fighting Bernie Sanders for their nomination. I paid little attention to that race. It was rigged or fixed and was uninteresting. Whenever I would think of Mrs. Clinton I would inevitably think of Monica Lewinsky.

If Monica Lewinsky is “Patient Zero” in cyberbullying, then Hillary Clinton is the first Cyber Bully.

What bothers people like me is not that Mrs. Clinton had the unfortunate experience of being cheated on, but how she handled it. Acting like she was surprised at the time that her husband cheated on her, was just so disingenuous. She not only knew, but it is also clear to those of us who understand such things, that the Clintons have had what is called an “Open marriage” for decades. At least that is my opinion. I don’t stand in

What bothers people like me is not that Mrs. Clinton had the unfortunate experience of being cheated on, but how she handled it. Acting like she was surprised at the time that her husband cheated on her, was just so disingenuous. She not only knew, but it is also clear to those of us who understand such things, that the Clintons have had what is called an “Open marriage” for decades. At least that is my opinion. I don’t stand in judgment of that. Consenting adults do what they do. However, to create an illusion and act like she was some poor woman home baking cookies while her husband ran around on her is simply political stagecraft.

It is the phoniness of this woman. It is the dishonesty that comes so natural to her. It is how she destroyed the lives of the women who her husband fooled around with that is disturbing. As long as the public did not find out, the women were safe. But as soon as it became public, she excoriated those women publicly and professionally. Jennifer Flowers slept with her husband for twelve years without any problem from Mrs. Clinton. Of course, she knew of her. But once that affair came out publicly, then the claws came out. Hilary’s political aspirations knew no bounds and dictated her entire life. I for one am not willing to help her get what she has always wanted, unbound power. She “is” the first internet bully and one of the most corrupt human beings that walk this planet! The race for the White House was more fun than ever to follow. Looking at it in real time, it is hard to see how Trump could beat Mrs. Clinton. However, an FBI investigation still loomed and there was this indefatigable Senator from Vermont who had his own ideas on how this should all turn out.

When I think about Hilary Clinton and whether or not I would want her in the White House, I narrow my focus. In the case of the Clintons, and yes, you get them both, I don’t really concentrate on what they believe or what party they are from. You see, I am old enough to know what I need to know about this couple. I’m not some twenty-something-year-old Millennial who has some vague understanding of this notorious political duo. I am, in fact, old enough to remember what kind of people these two were and are.

I know for example that “The Clintons” are simply a dishonest couple. These are two people who skate around the edges of the law. They thrive in the gray area of the law. You see it really comes down to what the word “is” is. Let’s us for a moment forget any of the political leanings of Bill and Hilary. Whether you lean that way or not is not what is important when considering whether or not we as a nation want to put this couple back in the White House. Just look at the law and how they dance between the raindrops of the application of said law.

Currently, Mrs. Clinton is under investigation with The FBI for having a personal server in her home in New York and in the bathroom of some people in an apartment in Colorado. These servers (plural) were used among other things to house emails that were deemed classified and Top Secret and innocuously not much of anything. Now, this is a clear violation of the law that “everyone” in America knows would get them in trouble real fast if they did it. However, arresting her does not seem to be an option; she, in this regard, is above the law. She just is. I say that as a matter of fact; the woman is above the law and nothing could be clearer.

I remember, even if some have forgotten or never knew, her being above the law before. So let me give you another example: “Cattle Gate.” Well, so-called “Cattle Gate” can be explained easily enough for those who do not know. Mrs. Clinton took $1000 and overnight turned it into $99,000+. Now what you need to know about that are two things. When something like that happens it is a red flag to regulators that inside information could have been used to pull off that feat. The second thing is the Cattle market that she did this overnight trade in had a $1500 minimum buy-in to trade. So how did that happen?

How about Travelgate? The so-called Travelgate incident was simple. When Mrs. Clinton came into the White House she fired all of the people who worked in the travel office of the executive branch. Problem is, that was against the law. She had no authority to fire any government employee whether in the executive branch of government or any of the other two. However, that law simply did not apply to Mrs. Clinton because she is above such a concept of law or laws. She does not bother with such silly notions such as laws.

Her husband, well, we know plenty about Bill and the string of women screaming everything from rape to unusual things with cigars. He was impeached and disbarred for perjury. So when it comes to the law, well, Bill has his issues too. But the main law people should concentrate on is the Constitution because that says a president is only allowed to be president twice. So couldn’t one make the argument that Bill Clinton is subverting that law and doing an end run to get back in that office in a de facto way? I mean Mrs. Clinton has made it clear she has the best so-called advisor in him. So is it not in fact a shady way to circumvent the law and get back in the Oval Office?

I believe I could go on and on, but I have made the point. Maybe we should put aside all political considerations with the Clintons and focus on the law. It could be said and I am saying that the only way that couple resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for a third term is by being, in truth, above the law.

It would be hard to understate the chaos that transpired in the Republican Party with the rise of Donald Trump. It would be fair to say the party was coming apart right in front of anyone’s eyes. Trump hijacked their party and was not one of them, as far as they were concerned. They could not and would not come to terms with the fact it was they who lost control of the grassroots. The voters and the party had never in my lifetime been so far apart. It was like they were living on different planets and could not hear each other. The second week of May in 2016 brought a meeting with the party leaders and Donald Trump. One politician after the other could or would not publicly support their own nominee. Many went with Trump, but many did not. So this meeting of all of the party leaders and Donald was scheduled to try to hash out the differences. The week started off with Trump gaining even more strength. For nearly a year the polls indicated that Hilary Clinton was going to wipe the floor with Trump and had a double-digit lead. Once Trump secured the nomination or presumptively did, the polls tighten up. That week one of the most trusted polls in the world of polling came out with a set of polls showing Hilary and Donald neck and neck, and in some states, Trump winning. Trump became armed with this information to fight back against the party leaders because the whole argument against Donald was that the polls showed he could not beat Hilary. That week, that argument fell apart and Donald Trump started to look like he did not need the party leaders and their support, but they needed him. It was delicious for those of us political junkies to feed on. Regardless of what side you were on, this was hands down the most interesting race of our lifetime. The country was so sick of the lies from politicians and the direction of the country that they wanted to blow it all up politically. They wanted to send Trump down to Washington and turn the whole thing upside down. The rest of the world sat in utter horror watching what was going on. To them, Trump was the scariest thing they had ever seen. Here was a guy standing up for America and pointing out how the rest of the world was taking advantage of our country. Draining our nation of blood and treasure leaving us with nothing in return is what Trump was pointing out. It would not be unfair or hyperbolic to say the halls of foreign powers trembled with the thought of how Trump could rattle alliances across the globe. Trump was even calling out our allies and pointing out they are not pulling the weight with one obligation after the other. Trump highlighted how no other country was chipping in or carrying their weight in the cause of keeping the world safe and sane. The whole Earth watched this American Election for President like never before. How Donald Trump was going to beat back Hilary Clinton, the Democrat party, his own party, the press, and world leaders lining up against him seemed to be an impossible feat. However, I had to remind myself the man had already performed political miracles. Donald proved political gravity did not have a hold on him. He cut through all of the forces against him like NEO in the movie The Matrix. It was almost like a cartoonish political superhero came to life. We were a long way from the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The 1939 comedy/drama film starring James Stewart, about one man’s effect on American politics had nothing on Trump. Donald was Polyseismic.

By the time the end of the week came and it rolled over to the Sunday morning shows on May the 15th 2016 it was clear Trump had Paul Ryan and most of the Republican political establishment falling in line. Despite all of the press coverage from the New York Times and all of the liberal-leaning TV shows, Trump still floated above with the public. It never ceases to amaze me how self-unaware the press is when it comes to their own naked bias. It really is the perennial green of the political seasons. No matter how the world changes in front of them, they still run home to liberal-leaning mamma press coverage. We will cure Cancer before the press becomes self-aware of the public’s loathing. No matter how many times Donald Trump points to the press at a rally and says look at how dishonest they are, the press just thinks that is unfair or some game. They cannot see how disgusting and bias they truly are. There seems to be no cure. They operate on a plain of complete and utter self-unawareness.

On May 25th, 2016 Donald Trump reached the magic number of 1237 delegates to secure the Republican Nomination. Widespread reports of Hell freezing over were coming in from all over the globe.

The first week or two went well for Donald Trump. In what looked like lightning speed, most of the Republican establishment started to fall in line. The Democrats looked like they were headed to a contested convention and all seemed well for the right-wing. That lasted for about two weeks when in June of 2016 Trump spiraled out of control and started to attack a federal judge who was overseeing his trial over Trump University. Blasting the judge as Mexican, Trump unleashed a series of racist comments that took the rest of the country by surprise. The judge turned out to be some hero that took on the Mexican Cartels and was born in Indiana. Trump looked unhinged as he railed against some civil lawsuit that meant nothing to the nation, but only to Trump. People everywhere started wondering out loud whether or not Trump was looking to drop out of the race. People questioned whether he wanted to be president at all. One by one, the political world started to hammer Trump as a racist demanding he apologizes to the judge. Trump double down on his comments and refuse any apologies at all. When my point of view writing this book and following all of this became lost, I sat back to watch it all unfold. I had no idea why Trump was destroying himself, his brand, and his chances of getting into the White House.

The next few months became a political roller coaster like none I had ever seen. Trump fell so far behind Clinton that she at one point had a double-digit lead. Clinton released a series of blistering TV commercials that just sunk Trump further and further. Clinton started to pull so far ahead in important states that she stopped spending money on TV ads. During the summer of Donald Trump candidacy, something happened that changed it all. Kellyanne Conway was hired to run Trump’s campaign. I don’t know how or why, but she turned it all around. I’m not sure if Trump only responds to smart women and does not listen to men at all, but this was a complete game changer. Kellyanne turned everything around. Somehow, in the biggest political comeback I think I had ever seen, Trump not only came back and caught Clinton in the polls, but he took the lead. The combination of hiring Kellyanne and when on 9/11 Clinton collapsed on the streets of New York from pneumonia, somehow turned everything around for Donald Trump. Donald warned people all year Clinton did not have the stamina to be president and here she was laid up in bed unable to campaign. Something happened during this period in the late summer of 2016. We had a close race again. Two weeks before the first debate Donald Trump was leading in most national polls. It was Polyseismic once again.

By the end of September 2016, Trump and Clinton finally faced off in their first debate. The build-up to it was epic and the TV audience broke all-time records. Trump did almost nothing to prepare for the debate and just showed up. By all accounts of most thinking people that was a mistake. Donald looked like a deer in the headlights, nervous and he just did not do well. Despite all the professionals around him that probably begged him to study and practice for the debate, Trump ignored them all and fell flat the big night. In front of at least one hundred million people, Donald Trump got his ass handed to him by Hilary Clinton. He let down all of his followers and the following days a blanket of denial washed over Mr. Trump. From the media reports, it seemed to have taken his family two days to get Donald to realize he lost, that he made a mistake not preparing for the debate and that he needed to take the next one more seriously. All of Kellyanne’s work seems to drain from the campaign like a leaky pipe. For me personally, in the end, people can no longer complain about shit. If they keep sending the same people back to Washington D.C. to do that same old shit each election, then they get what they deserve. If this country picks Mrs. Clinton, then they get what they deserve. We see more and more that we are two different nations within our country. We are a 50/50 nation and even a wild man and a crook cannot change that either way from my vantage point. Trump is such a break from what has been going on for so many years. I am more concerned about the voters that keep sending these same people back to Washington. I fear I can no longer respect these people anymore. It is beyond a difference of opinion; these people are hurting us.

The second debate came rolling around and was overshadowed by NBC releasing a video that shows Trump and TV Host Billy Bush talking trash about groping women and other distasteful things. The timing of the release was just another example of how the mainstream press was in the hands of the Democratic Party and how they are forever in collusion with each other. The orchestration of the video release was used to drown out WikiLeaks and their email document dumps showing the nefariousness of the Clinton crowd. Whether it was the Justice Department, The IRS, the FBI or the mainstream press, right in front of our eyes in the light of day they revealed themselves to be all one arm of power coming from one side of the political fence. The disdain for Trump, the Republican Party, and people of faith was no longer a thing to hide in the shadows. By October 2016 there was nowhere you could turn to for fair and balanced debate of the issues on either side of the political swamp. America was sinking in an ocean of partisan ideology. The Republican nominee was in a full-scale war with the leadership of its own party after Paul Ryan and others abandoned Trump over the Billy Bush video. If you followed politics in any way in the fall of 2016, there was no sign anywhere Trump could possibly win. It was flat out the most entertaining election of my lifetime.

October 17th, 2016 was the Monday before the third debate between Clinton and Trump. We came off the most brutal week of media bias and presidential campaign I had ever witnessed in my life. Every hour of every day from the previous week was a full-scale unabashed attack by the corporate media to take down the Trump candidacy. It was as if the notion of cloaking their true intentions no longer existed. It was raw media collusion acting as the arm of the DNC and it was something to behold. The mainstream media was like a dog with rabies. It needed to be put down. The concept of a free press speaking truth to power was washed away and displaced with an ocean of elitism and political progressive activism. It was flat out disgusting.

The Trump Campaign released his wife Melania to do two national interviews on Fox and CNN. Trump’s wife knocked both interviews out of the park and humanized Donald Trump. As far as the Billy Bush tapes and all of the women accusing Trump of this or that, Melania made it plain and simple, any allegations of her husband’s misbehavior with women should be brought in front of a judge in a court of law. She explained that was the venue to hash out such things. Otherwise, it is impossible to defend. She said it was time to move on, she forgave him, so now we should.

The third debate came and it landed up being the most contentious of them all. Trump did well and by all accounts of everyone but the bias press, Trump won the debate. Later that week another event never to forget happened at the annual Al Smith Dinner in New York City. This was an event where they raise money for poor kids and was supposed to be filled with levity and self-deprecating humor. It landed up being an awkward night of cutting cruelty towards each other. The crowd squirmed in their seats as Donald Trump took it too far with personal attacks against Mrs. Clinton. It was hard to watch. By the end of the night, the two shook hands and left the building with nineteen days to go to the election. That Friday two polls came out showing Trump back up neck and neck with the former Secretary of State. The mainstream press mostly ignored those two polls. Instead of waiting in silence hoping they were out layers and waiting for polls that more fit their dishonest narrative of the election.

With less than two weeks to go, WikiLeaks started releasing an avalanche of emails from Clinton people that revealed a behind the scene look at the Clintons that was very troubling. Every fear that they were corrupt or should be in prison spilled out onto the internet. Twitter filled up with one email after another that proved without a shadow of a doubt that both Clintons were breaking the laws on a grand scale. They were making themselves rich beyond imagination selling access to foreign governments and interests. The pimps of the Lincoln Bedroom had graduated to a much more lucrative scheme and were now swimming in a worldwide conspiracy of deceit and crime. At the very same time, the mainstream media had less than two weeks to ignore the crushing truth of this couple and place their puppets at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The IRS, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the press became nothing but arms of the Democrat Party all working hand in hand to protect their pawn. Half of the nation stood in utter horror that common sense and the rule of law were in suspended animation while the other half marched to the slaughterhouse with their paychecks in hand. It was dark times. Political clouds were gathering.

On October 28th, 2016 the biggest October Surprise of any election in my lifetime was dropped with just days to go until the election. The FBI sent Congress a letter stating that they found emails on the computer of Anthony Wiener. The disgraced congressman was the perverted husband of Hilary Clinton’s top aide and right-hand lady, Huma Abedin. This bombshell dropped on America just days before the election cycle came to its conclusion meant that there was a possibility that Mrs. Clinton could be in trouble once and for all for her email scandal. It opened the possibility that Clinton could be arrested and would have to finally answer to at least some of the river of shady crap the woman swam in. The faces of the mainstream press could not be hidden as one channel after the other broadcasted sullen faces. It was like they never even considered for a moment in their crooked ways that they were not in control of this election in its entirety. I was waiting for some mainstream pundit to commit suicide live on the air. It was one of the greatest days of political theater that I had ever seen. It was politically orgasmic to watch their reactions. It was schadenfreude at the highest level. I had a great day following it all. You could not slap the smile off my face. If for only a moment in time the bad guys were losing. That is what it felt like.

The last weekend before the election left me with so many feelings. What an election cycle this year! Clearly the most entertaining of my lifetime. The election was also the most ribald and disturbing one I had ever watched. Whoever wins, half of the country will just not accept it this time. There is no getting back together, politically speaking. There is no just getting along for getting along’s sake.

If Clinton wins, you cannot ask half of the country to accept a crook for a President. You cannot just make half of the nation accept the fact that a criminal is running our country. America is used to their President saying “I am not a crook!” and then getting on a helicopter and resigning. Clinton would never get on a helicopter and abdicate power.

For me, this election revealed an underbelly of corruption I had always feared but was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt through WikiLeaks. The level of corruption the Democratic Party holds astounds me. I just never knew or understood the scope of it. The Dems have gotten control of the IRS, The Justice Department, half of the FBI, and even the Free Press. They infected each arm of power one by one and now reign over an empire of criminality and deceit. It fits the very definition of a criminal enterprise like a glove, despite some OJ Simpson-like performances otherwise.

I would say learning the truth about how vast corruption is for me, took second place. First place went to the voters that banded together to support this corruption. “Who are these people?” I asked myself. Who the hell would support all this shady shit? Who would knowingly back the Democratic Party after all that has been revealed? Just because one was a left-leaning voter does not mean they would still raise their hands publicly and straight out back all that criminal shit, I told myself. Well, I was wrong.

There is a coalition of the willing from coast to coast that in the light of day will make excuses for this vote of support. None of that criminal crap could exist without their help. So, this was the year I stopped blaming the crooked politicians. This was the year I placed the blame where it rightfully belongs. The blame lies in the hands of those people with their fingers on a Hillary Clinton ballot. It is those people who are the problem. I don’t care how insane you think Trump is. After reading WikiLeaks, how could you support such clear corruption? You people might turn your heads to that kind of darkness, but I can’t turn my head to your existence and its detriment to our nation.

You people who speak of Bill Clinton and his behavior with women as something of the past must be Bill Cosby supporters. Bill Clinton has a girlfriend “today” that even has her own Secret Service name called ‘Energizer’, so enough of that past tense Newspeak, please. And don’t tell me he is not on the ballot when Mrs. Clinton has already announced he would be running the economy. The man is circumventing the Constitution by getting the third term and doing an end around the law once again. Thanks to you know who. Your friendly neighborhood Hillary Clinton voter.

Nowhere in the kaleidoscope of American employment can a person get a job while under an active FBI investigation. Just think about that for a moment. Where could you get a job under that circumstance? Could you get a Real Estate License or job while under the umbrella of that yoke? Could you get a job as a lawyer, teacher or mailman while being the subject of an active investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Could you get a job in law enforcement or receive your barber’s license? Could you just walk into a firehouse and tell them to overlook that FBI thing and go ahead and let me work here while the feds do their thing? The only place on that workplace kaleidoscope that job position exists is in the hands of a Hilary Clinton Voter. Nowhere else in all of America can a person get a job under that scenario. If that alone does not rattle a person’s understanding of what a vote for that woman means, then nothing would. The rest of us will just have to accept that these voters created this vortex to exist for all of us to suffer under. I have noticed, personally, that many of these people that would have you accept this form of reality are by and large government employees of some sort. I apperceive that not all, but many of the people that would cast a vote like that, have spent a lifetime and career in some job, either partially or fully funded by the rest of us and our tax money. To keep said status quo for oneself, the rest of us will just have to accept whatever crook or criminal you want us to send to run the Executive Branch of our government? The other half of our population that lives in a world not funded by the other half will just have to understand this vote? Or maybe women offended by the nature of Donald Trump and his words and actions with women will answer that dilemma by sending Bill Clinton back to the White House? Does that make sense? Why not send Bill Cosby to right that wrong? So, what could possibly explain a Hilary Clinton vote? Maybe you want the first woman to be Commander and Chief? Well, there is Dr. Stein over there with a vagina. If vaginas are the preference of the day for hiring the leader of the free world, then why not one not infected by a throbbing erection of corruption or deceit? If you’re a Republican and cannot swallow Trump, well there are two Republican governors from blue states over there on the Libertarian ticket. Of course, the head of that is not too bright, but at least we won’t have an endless war under that vote. No, I cannot understand a Hilary Clinton voter, unless it is a person who has skin in the game. That I understand. Their very livelihood depends on the democratic machine to keep their government job alive, as not to rock their world. That I understand. To hell with the rest of us. Their career in economic mediocrity stands tall above the needs of this nation. “Let them eat cake” the “great princess” is coming to Pennsylvania Avenue and the rest of us be damned.

The Saturday night before the election, Saturday Night Live did a skit where Alex Baldwin playing Donald Trump kissed an actor with an FBI jacket on. The inference was that the FBI was in bed with the Trump campaign. The next day FBI Director Comey sent, yet another, letter to the Congress but this time stating that they will not be changing their minds on Clinton and her emails. In other words, they would not be charging her with any crime related to her email scandal and she got off scot-free. Once again James Comey projected himself into the 2016 election and yet again affected the nature of it.

Election Day rolled around. I started watching the coverage at 6 am EST being the junkie that I am. The entire day’s news coverage spoke to a collective voice that a Clinton win was inevitable. Not a single channel, political show or pundit had Trump winning. It stayed that way all the way up to the moment Donald Trump won. In the most stunning election feat of my lifetime and probably in American History, Donald Trump became the President-Elect. It was the greatest political cum shot for populists from coast to coast. It was the single greatest political win I had ever laid my eyes on. The dishonesty and fallacious narrative of the press all the way up to the last minute was finally shattered and exposed for the fraud that it was. Trump won! Political Science would never be the same again. It was Polyseismic!

Ironically, for my wife and I or many others, I would suspect, we were low hanging fruit for the Democratic Party to recruit. We were there for the political picking, but there would be no harvest. Americans who had enough of the failures of tradition, American Conservatism found no kinship in the Democratic Party. At the very moment, we were looking for a political home, the party was revealed to be a rat’s nest of corruption, hypocrisy and out and out criminality. It was revealed forever to the people who cared to look, that the people who voted to support this anathema of politics were the problem. It was nothing we wanted to be a part of. We chose to wither on the political vine and return to the Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to political dust.

Finally, in the rainbow of irony, the Republican Party that was coming apart at the seams grew stronger. They got complete control of the federal government and all three branches, including the direction of the Supreme Court for a generation to come. In addition, the Democratic Party has the least power it has ever had in the history of my life. If you are from Generation X, you have never seen the left with so little power from the federal government down to the state and local levels. The Democratic Party was reduced to a coastal joke. In 2016 you could drive across the entire nation from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean without ever driving through a single county that voted for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential general election cycle. I was so proud of my country.

C. Rich

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