The History of the Illegitimate President

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Illegitimate President

The History of the Illegitimate President goes back to the very beginning of our nation. Whether it was one side claiming this president was a puppet of France or another one stating they were in the bag for England, this rallying call goes back to our roots. However, you do not have to go back that far to see it raise its partisan head. In my lifetime, it has been a constant narrative put out by the Baby Boomer Generation. I have written thousands of words over the years curtailing the damage that the Boomers have done to our world. Here is yet another example of their wreckage. This mantra that seems to spill out from the left or right of the political spectrum claims no ideological sides in our modern world.

I first remember this accusation being used against Bill Clinton. It manifested itself when the right side of our political fence claimed Bill was a Russian spy or Manchurian type. They said the Bill travel to the Soviet Union in the dead of the winter.

According to Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media,” During the 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton’s travels abroad became a campaign issue. Then-President Bush criticized Clinton’s participation in anti-Vietnam War demonstrations while in England. He said that “to be in a foreign country and demonstrate against your own country when it’s at war — that’s wrong.” Clinton demonstrated against a war that he avoided by lying about his desire to go into a ROTC program back in the U.S.”

Bush also raised questions about Clinton’s student trip to the Soviet Union. The liberal media didn’t like that. Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen wrote, “Bush hints that when Bill Clinton visited the Soviet Union on a student tour, Clinton may have met with KGB officers. Bush implies that something sinister was arranged. What was it? The KGB sent a brainwashed Bill Clinton back to become governor of Arkansas.” Quillen said that was “preposterous.”

The Illegitimate President popped its head up once again when it came to the contested presidential race of 2000 with George W. Bush vs. Al Gore. That time the claim was from the left and said that Bush stole the election with his brother, the Governor of Florida and their buddies in the Supreme Court. That chorus still exists in some corners of academia today.

Then, we had the situation with President Barack Obama not being legitimate because he was not born in this country. Kenyan birth conspiracies and talk of the lack of a college record or that nobody remembered going to school with Barrack had reared its head on Talk Radio.

Finally, we have the latest incantation of the Illegitimate President in the case of Donald Trump and his so-called Russian ties. Once again being put out by the Baby Boomers and their Boomer Icon Congressman John Lewis, who now claims Trump is not a legitimate president and that he was placed there by Russia.

My guess is, until the last Baby Boomer falls off this planet, there must lie another Illegitimate President in our near future after Donald Trump. Rumors have it, that this wordsmithing raises lots of money in certain quarters.

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