9/11/01 Fury Will Always Linger

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Amid the 9th anniversary of September 11, 2001 there is still an immediate evocation of emotion.  Feelings ever lingering that, at the mere mention of 9/11, causes one to stare blankly in remembrance.  Becoming a major event equal only to the JFK assassination and the first moonwalk to inquire, “where were you or what were you doing” automatically.   When those towers fell on that Tuesday morning, I was fuming.  However, this was unlike any attack against America previously seen.

For example: 9/11 wasn’t the first surprise attack levied against America.  The Japanese awoke a sleeping giant at Pearl Harbor.  But, when the Japanese attacked, they did so as a military entity.  A uniformed opponent easily recognized on the battlefield with identifiable aircraft in the air and notable vessels at sea emblazoned with their nations symbol.  We knew whom, how, when, and where to go and pound them.  Nation against nation.  That formula is not applicable with 9/11 in this day and age.

America was not attacked with conventionality this time.  Ultimately, it was a multi-faceted organization containing members from many nations, with religious ideology, that hit us.  We couldn’t respond, using known rules of engagement, against Al-Qaeda in the fashion we were used to.  If that were the case, America would be pounding 9 or 10 different countries.  But, that is exactly what I wanted America to do.  You see, I am a veteran of this country’s armed forces.

My feelings were magnified that fateful day.  I was equally enraged, as any American was, over 9/11, but being a former sailor, my patriotism burst forth, demanding immediate and swift retaliation.  If you take the military uniform off of any Japanese or German soldier are they not still Japanese or German?  That is exactly the premise I used with the perpetrators who killed innocent civilians by destroying the WTC complex and crashing an airliner in a Pennsylvania field.  With hitting the Pentagon being the last straw, I wanted America to pummel those responsible.

Striking the first match in this whole mess was Osama Bin-Laden.  He hails from Saudi Arabia and he used that country to recruit the hijackers.  This possibly gave us a nation to pound and show Osama that we could hurt what is beloved to him as well.  If Bin-Laden took delight in seeing death and destruction by attacking Washington DC and New York City, places Americans hold high regard to, then why should we not return the favor?

However, Al-Qaeda members also hail from Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and probably Lebanon and Syria as well.  And yes, even America, We certainly can’t bomb ourselves now can we?  What to do, what to do?  I propose Al-Qaeda hunting squads reminiscent to Brad Pitt’s Nazi hunting group in Inglorious Basterds.  Small assassin teams picking off members one by one or whole groups taken out with one strategically placed explosion whenever the opportunity presents itself.  That is the way I feel.  Only because I am a veteran.  If I were just a plain old American, I would probably want to round up as many Al-Qaeda members as we could and try them in a court of law, sentence them appropriately and let them spend the rest of their lives in jail.

But I am not just a plain old American.  Truthfully, none of us are and we demand the justice of our fallen fellows from September 11, 2001.  Nothing short of immediate elimination will do.  Until then, our fury will always linger, it will never waiver and we will never forget.

Jeff Payne

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