We’ll Leave It Down If You Leave It Up

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Ok ladies; time to make some concession here.  For decades now, we men have had to endure the ultimate rule in the bathroom bestowed on us by ladies alike throughout what seems like eons.  Leave the toilet seat down.  Seems simple enough and it is.  Men have been instructed for so long it should be ingrained into our DNA by now.  But it hasn’t and the scorn created by the failure of completing this small task is as irritating as a mosquito buzz in the ear.  It is an eye-roller we men can do without.  At any moment some guy can be wondering, “Did I leave the toilet seat down” and setting off the panic switch.  Enacting a mad dash to the bathroom for affirmation.  No more, I say.

For many years women have fought for equal rights.  You stood up, shouted, picketed and even burned your bras to have your voice heard.  Well fine, you want equal rights?  Then leave the toilet seat up.  That’s right.  If we men, have to go to the trouble of leaving the seat down for you, then you ladies should have to leave it up for us.  It is only right and according to equal rights it should go both ways.  Time for the opposite sex to swim in the same waters as we men.

I believe in chivalry, but chivalrous acts can be performed by the feminine as well.  Hold the door open for us occasionally.  Draw that chair away from the table from time to time and seat us men.  Is it raining?  Then throw your coat over the puddle as to not contaminate our feet.  Is this not much to ask?  What goes around comes around.

It is not much to ask.  Just reciprocate the simple things is all we ask.  This is not a question of women being prohibited from doing the things men do.  Not at all.  Go ahead; try to do some of what we men have done since the inception of time.  In today’s time, we encourage it.  In some cases you have dove in.  There are women racecar drivers, football players, soldiers, etc.  Well done and we applaud you.  Just except for that hand to be shaken, you must reach out to shake it.

Call it spitting hairs, common ground or reaching a mutual agreement.  No double standards.  An easier time is ahead and with equal cooperation and a more serene world can be obtained.  Show the males you mean it.  Tell us your willing to comply and receive the respect you long sought by performing this small task thereby verifying your compliance.   Leave the toilet seat up.

Jeff Payne

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