Gaza: Modern Day Concentration Camp

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Not built like the images from the Nazi era, it is hard for people to actually look at Gaza in such a way that it could be considered a concentration camp. But when it comes down to the practices by the Israelis in charge, there is not much difference.

They keep the people of Gaza poor and imprisoned in Gaza with just the bare necessities needed to survive. They have a ban in place to even stop any toys from getting to the young children as well as educational materials for the schools. Notebooks, writing paper and even writing implements are forbidden from getting through the blockades in place. They claim these items as well as many others are a risk to security. The only risk I can see from toys for children and education is they do not want the world to know what is actually going on inside the boarders of Gaza.

The possibility the next generation may become educated and manage to actual free themselves from the restrictions in place or the children from having a bit of pleasure may threaten what they are trying to accomplish by keeping them hopeless and in despair. Kick them while they’re down to keep them weak is what comes to mind when I read the list of just some of the banned items not allowed into Gaza.


As we are allowed to enhance our tasted buds with spices to our favorite dishes, the people of Gaza are only permitted cinnamon. Spices like sage, ginger and coriander are just some of those banned in Gaza. Jam, vinegar and chocolate are also on the list and considered a threat to security, making the people of Gaza rely on aid from the UN groups or beg for items just to feed their families. Even owning a fishing rod or fishing equipment is considered a violation, because they too are among the many items banned.

Fresh meats, goats, horses, cattle, chickens and donkeys are banned preventing the Gaza people from actually getting part of the necessary diet to survive and remain healthy. It was not until recently that shoes were being permitted in, but cloth and sewing machines are still banned and dried fruit and nuts might take a soldiers eye out so they do not allow any of those items in.

They allow the people to live in their bombed out houses, but they can not have any kind of plastic, building materials or tarpaulins to fix the houses or schools. Such items can be made into bombs and weapons. Which to me is utterly preposterous considering if they were to make weapons and bombs they would have done so out of the materials left over from their bombed out shelters and houses. The only excuse for the inhumane treatment they are imposing is for the satisfaction of keeping them weak in mind and soul and making them feel there is no hope. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else?

If it were not for the attention brought on by the raids on the ships, governments around the world would have continued to turn a blind eye to the actual truth of allowing a modern day concentration camp to continue to thrive. It still remains to be seen what the world will do to stop the ill treatment subjected to the Gaza people. Will they continue to go about their business like nothing is happening or will they work to put a stop to this. I imagine it can be accomplished in a peaceful manner if the world united and put enough pressure on the Israelis to put an end to this inhumane treatment of the Gaza People.


The media could help with the power of the press and people around the world that cannot go and help physically could use the power of the pen to help keep the focus on Gaza. There is so much we all could do to Help in one way or another. It would be a shame to turn our heads like the governments have and pretend like this is not happening.

One and a half million people that live in Gaza are relying on the billions of people around the world to help them live close to a normal life as possible. There is no excuse for not allowing people to have an education, even if it is in just basic reading and writing. There is no excuse to stop people from being able to raise, sustain or fish so they can provide food for their families. There are other countries that do not even have the resources to provide for their families because of location or terrain. It is a crime in itself when a country that has the resources is prevented from using those resources because it may be a threat to national security if they eat fish.

The only real lucrative business in Gaza at the moment is the tunnel runners, also known as smugglers. They make close to ten thousand a run just to smuggle in fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and other necessities that are banned in Gaza. Remember that when you pop over to WalMart for your next Barbie doll or gallon of milk. Spread the word and get the people of Gaza some help.

After Netanyahu met with Obama yesterday, they supposedly patched things up and Israel said they’d loosen up the blockade. I’m sure, if you live in the ghettos of Poland back in the day, the Jews would have appreciated not just loosening up the conditions, but rather ending the occupation once and for all.

K. Waters

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