Bigfoot: Search For One Near You

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One of the first aspects I learned in Bigfoot research is the wide swath of sightings drenched across our country. I am not kidding. This creature has been reported in every one of our beautiful states. From Maine to Washington, Minnesota to Texas, and all points in between. Hard to believe, but Bigfoot has been sighted in every state of the union. Except Hawaii and that is understandable. Sasquatch would have to be a triathlon swimmer and then some. I am not even including Canada’s beautiful provinces either as I am sure the amount of sightings are near equal in volume. Basically, Bigfoot is everywhere.

With this in mind, anyone could virtually go to the most likely area in each state, and have a go. That’s right. Get your camping gear or hiking stuff and go see for yourself if something is trampling around every forested region that abounds in our great union. Hell, even flat and treeless Kansas holds its share of hominid claims. There are enough scruffy patches of timber in Kansas viable enough to harbor large, hairy bi-peds. They might not be known as Bigfoot in your particular area, but every report around the nation pretty much describes the same creature.

The skunk-ape of Florida, the Ohio grassman and the Fouke monster in Arkansas. All have similar attributes to what is widely known as a large upright walking, with skin-curling screams and a fast, smooth gait. Running over terrain others would have great difficulty in negotiating. Doing so with surprising ease often leaving the viewer with their jaw agape. Look up the many sites on-line. Most have a map of the U.S. indicating where each state’s many reports derive from. You’ll quickly learn that some states have a high concentration of areas ideal for creature sightings than others. However, you’ll see for yourself that all states do indeed possess credible reports.

This affords a great opportunity for those wishing to seek a unique adventure in getting out there and having a look for one’s self. Now I am not saying that that anyone of us will be a Darwin, but if you do a little research one could increase their chance of a sighting of their own. Check out a Bigfoot site to your liking, break down the best area in your state and make a go at it. You never know. You could be the next Roger Patterson, filmmaker of the most famous footage of Bigfoot to date. The one captured in celluloid near Buff Creek, California, back in 1967. To this day that film has been studied enough to safely rule out as a hoax.

It might be far reaching in its reason and sensibility, but the guy who came out of the jungles of Africa in the late 1800’s claiming there were big hairy creatures no one has ever seen. Now we have the Mountain gorillas. How about the poor fellow who swore up and down that there were black and white, giant bear looking things in the Asian bush which we know today as Pandas. That was only a hundred years ago. One dude came down from the Himalayan Mountains and swore he saw a big cat looking creature. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the Snow Leopard. So it is not that far-fetched that Joe Public could come out near you and proclaim of tall, hairy, giants running around a forest near you.

So give it a shot. Take the family and make a day of it. You won’t be able to claim your sighting, sitting there on the couch playing your character quest in World of Warcraft and using Mr. T’s hand grenades. There is a sighting near you. Go and see for yourself. I have many times.

Jeff Payne

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