Is This War Necessary?

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“Enough is Enough” “Bring our Soldiers Home” “Pull Our Soldiers Out and the Bomb Threats Will Stop” and my favorite, “9/11 is Over, Let It Rest Already.” These are comments I hear on the streets and have read on blogs.

I am often asked, “do I believe in war?” Under normal circumstances my answer is no, because nobody really wins when it comes to the loss of life on both sides. The loss of one life is one life too many.

When 9/11 happened and we went to war, I was asked what I thought about going to war. I could not answer. I found myself in limbo; part of me was for it, part of me against it. At the time, I did not know as much about our enemy as I do now. That was then.

Today I know where I stand and it is no longer a matter of if I believe in war, it is a matter of is this war necessary. Unlike past wars, this is not a war because the Al Qaeda wants to just take over America. This is a war to wipe out Americans and all its allies.

We have seen this type of madman before and his name was Hitler. His army of terrorists had little value for human life. He wanted the power and he cowered behind his heritage and beliefs. Killing himself to keep from being caught and died with no remorse, but for himself, because he did not succeed like he set out to do.

Today we are dealing with a madman known as Osama Bin Laden. Dead or alive, to the Al Qaeda, Bin Laden will always live on and that is a real threat. Just like Hitler’s army, they too must be stopped. Hitler thought if he could take all of Europe then he would be a super power and rid the world of Jewish people. Just as Al Qaeda wants to take over all of the Middle East so he can wipe out all Americans and anyone who does not eat, sleep or breathe for Al Qaeda. This war is no different and they are just as evil.

The men that run the Al Qaeda will not sit down and sign a peace treaty. They are not interested in negotiations unless it is a trade of prisoners and they have absolutely no respect for the United Nations. They have two goals they seek; the first is to expel westerners and non-Muslims from all Muslim countries. The second is to establish Caliphate, also know as a unified Islamic government for a Muslim world. Their members are in the thousands and growing and they have terror cells worldwide.

The sad truth is the bombing will not stop and the terror attacks will get worse. If we pull out of this war and Al Qaeda takes over the Middle East, America will be hit full force. They would not think twice about hitting America, Canada and even Russia with every arsenal they could.

These are men without any conscience, without any remorse, with no value for human life, do not care what color your skin is or what age you are. If you are not a true Muslim dedicated to Muhammad, then you are the enemy and for me that is unacceptable.

Imagine sitting and eating with your family, the door suddenly opens and you are told to all exit the house. You are lined up against a wall; they ask if you will fight for Al Qaeda. They ask who is your god. You answer wrong; they rape your daughters and wife. When they are done they shoot your wife and sons and if you are lucky they will kill you so you do not have to live with what you just saw. Your daughters are sold on the black market into slavery and the money is used to buy ammunition for the very guns that shot your family. This is the terror they inflict on their own countrymen.

The Al Qaeda recruits members from the poor and weakest of the people. They promise a new world, a pure world. A world that will embrace Muhammad only. They teach that Americans will come in and take everything away from them. If that does not work, they instill a fear that is so believable they will sacrifice their own lives in the name of Muhammad. If that fails, they just kill you. And like Hitler, the Al Qaeda knows if you keep that fear alive your army will gain momentum and grow. This is the type of enemies our soldiers are fighting against. This is who is behind the bomb threats and who was behind 9/11 .The Al Qaeda have bombed US Embassies from Aden to Tanzania, killing troops and peace keepers along the way.

So for all those who are about to type enough is enough, think about what life would be like if we do not stand united and fight against those who are willing to wipe out a race/ people just because they feel like it.

Then close your eyes and be thankful for every soldier that died, so we can live without fear and think about every soldier that fights, because they know how valuable a human life is. How valuable your life is. See if you can still say enough is enough.

So do I think this war is necessary? Damn right I do.

I am proud to stand arm in arm and hold a sign and that states, “WE STAND UNITED ON THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM.”

K. Waters

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