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A once happily married couple had a truck stolen; the husband called the police and reported the incident. A few days later he was sent out to Walmart to pick up a few things when he saw his stolen truck in the parking lot. Thinking he was lucky to have found it, he jumped in and drove towards home, when he was pulled over by the police. They arrested him for possession of stolen property. He explained it was his truck and he was the one who reported it stolen, but because he did not call the police to come and retrieve the vehicle, it was still considered stolen property. He was charged with grand theft. In the end, the charges were dismissed by the judge. Yet it left a microprint on his record.

Two years later they divorced and the wife wanted the truck. In court, she brought up about the grand theft charge knowing full well the story behind it, yet the judge granted the truck to the soon to be ex-husband. The wife heads home and decided if she could not have the truck, neither could he. She loaded a bunch of his things into the truck, drives it to a field and sets it ablaze. The ex-wife now sits in jail on grand theft and destruction of private property. In an appeal, the divorce judge granted the truck to the wife and the husband was granted the house.

The above judge in the story was opposed to same-sex marriages. He even participated in a study on how same-sex marriages could change the ruling in divorce court. He would often refer to his 30-year marriage and the importance of having and raising children to back his opinions. One night after his weekly meeting, he returned home to find a note from his wife. It said she finally found the missing link in her life, she was sorry but she fell in love with his best friend’s wife and they decided to move to a place that would accept them. He no longer is a member of the study or panel that fights against same-sex marriage.


My second story takes place in a small town. The type of town where everyone knows everyone and you feel at home no matter where you go. Mrs. Crosley was the local bank teller. When you entered the bank she would always greet you by your name and swap local gossip about which son did what or whose daughter was dating whom. Having two sons herself, she would often complain about how they would borrow her car and always leave just enough gas in it for her to get to work.

One Monday morning she was running late, she jumps in her car only to find, as usual, her sons left her with just enough gas. Driving to work, knowing she was running late decided she would get gas after.

She arrived and went about her usual routine and then opened the doors. Around 9:30 am two masked men entered the bank and demanded the money from the cash drawer. She triggered the silent alarm and proceeded to follow instructions. When they left, the manager and Mrs. Crosley closed the bank and waited for the police.

When the police arrived they informed Mrs. Crosley, they had caught the robbers, except her car, was used as the getaway vehicle. Laughing, she said, “well they picked the wrong car to steal, it had no gas in it.” When she stopped laughing the officer informed her that her two sons were the one’s who robbed the bank. Busting out laughing again, the officer asked her what was so funny; Mrs. Crosley said, “They are the ones who left the car without gas.” Her two sons are still doing time.


One night a young mother was tucking her children into bed when her five-year-old daughter had mentioned that her teacher said that curiosity was natural and is healthy for young minds to grow.

The mother trying to get her children to sleep answered with the fastest explanation she could. ”Well, I agree there is nothing wrong with curious children and that she should listen to the adults because they went through it already.”

The next day was one of the hottest days on record and the mother was on the phone with a friend. The children overheard their mother say, “Gee, it’s so hot you could fry eggs on the sidewalk.” Being curious, the children opened the fridge grabbed a flat of eggs and proceeded to toss them off the balcony.

The mother heard the commotion and saw what they had done. Mad, she yelled at her five-year-old and asked what she thought she was doing. The five-year-old replied, “You said curiosity was healthy and we should listen to adults. I heard you say it was hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk and was curious to see if you could.” Regretting that she did not take the time to explain it better and in further details, all the mother could do was go outside and scrape fried eggs off the pavement.

Believe it or not, these are true accounts of karma biting back.

K. Waters

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