Mike Was Right, Todd

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We’ve all seen the commercials. Several times I’m sure, but have you seen them lately? I haven’t, and now we know why. I am speaking specifically about those incredible Lifelock commercials where that guy drives around New York City with his social security number emblazoned across the side panels of a weird looking truck. For all to see. Then he passes leaflets out to passers by with the same number. All the while touting that his identity is protected with, ‘Lifelock’ a service that notifies you in the event that someone tries to steal your identity. That fellow in the commercials is the owner of this service, and yes, that is his real social security number.

His name is Todd Davis and he believed in his product so much that anyone could try and use his SSI number to establish an alternate identity and he would be protected. Thus, the premise of him advertising his real number. According to Todd and some hand picked testimonials, Lifelock could do a lot more. A whole lot more. To me, it really got to a point of, ‘too good to be true’ idiocy. We all know what that means. It usually is.

Well guess what. It is too good than what they were saying. Not only did Lifelock not provide as claimed, but some of the services were not much different than the free items anyone could obtain on-line. In fact, a 12 million dollar judgment was levied against Todd Davis for falsely claiming Lifelock can do things it couldn’t. After repeatedly seeing his commercial one had to say, no way, not in today’s world.

I had some people over a while back and we were all watching TV when Todd came on with his odd looking truck. My friends kind of said wow to his claims and I’m sure a couple of them were going to check into it. Then we all heard one of us say that there is no such thing as a fool-proof identity block. It was Mike and he was computer savvy. He told us to wait for awhile. Lifelock will not live up to no where near what it claims. Mike seemed real confident in his statement and even laughed that someone may be using Todd’s SSI number right now.

That was some months ago and I wonder if Mike knew how prophetic his statement was. Lifelock is so good that it did happen. Todd Davis’s social security number was stolen. Someone in Texas actually obtained a 500 dollar loan using his exact number. Kind of deserving, if you asked me. How many sayings could I use that is relevant here? Todd played with fire and he got burnt, nah. How about Todd living by the sword so he…no that isn’t good either. I know one thing. His claim about Lifelock was a direct challenge to all hackers, who simply tore into Todd’s system of false protection, and gave the buying public a worthy heads-up.

You were right Mike. From now on, when it comes to cyber protection matters, you are E. F. Hutton. When Mike speaks, I will listen. So should we all.

Jeff Payne

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