Bigfoot: Patty Was Not A Man

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We have all seen the footage. Well, most of us who are familiar with Bigfoot have I’m sure, but it is the best visual of an unknown species there is. It is the most studied piece of evidence regarding the purported existence of Sasquatch. I am talking about, of course, the Patterson-Gimlin film. The brief glimpse of what Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin caught on film shows a Bigfoot-type creature, (a female one at that) retreating in a non-threatened manner until it disappears into the forest. Frame 352 of the film, shows the famous still of the creature looking back at Roger and Bob.

That was back in 1967 in a remote region up in the northern reaches of Bluff Creek, California. Back then when the public began to view the footage it’s interpretation was basic enough for the time. An ape-like figure walking away, swinging its arms and even turning to acknowledge the camera. Reasonable convention eventually surmised that it was simply a man in a suit and the footage was a hoax. A damn good suit that was showing muscle definition, fur-color variation, and also breasts. Yes, breasts. These hoaxers went out of the box and gave the suit boobs. It seems that they (hoaxers) will do anything to trick the public. Roger and Bob never wavered in their claim that this was a real Bigfoot and not a man in a suit. Little did they know that time would eventually be the preverbal proving grounds.

The more study this film received, the more questions about its authenticity were raised. That tells us something. For over 40 years this footage is still being scrutinized. Would a photo or film, thought to be fake, still receive this kind of attention? Hell no. It would simply be dismissed and everyone would move on. Credible scientists of every related discipline have slowly discovered clues that pretty much rule out this creature being a hoax.

At first glance, the creature depicted walks like a human, but when scientists, who are well versed in the field of locomotion, looked closer and reduced the film speed, they noticed an eye-brow raising feature. As the subject is walking the knees swing out and then in during the stride and the back knee, as it pushes away to propel to the next step does not lock like a humans. They found out that a human could walk in that manner, but not with the sustained distance that this creature endured. A very un-natural gait that looked smooth and effortless. In a Discovery channel documentary titled, ‘When Legend Meets Science’ researchers over-laid a skeletal frame to the creature form on the film. Clearly, it shows the inward outward motion of the knees showing that indeed it was not a natural way for a human to walk, but a natural way for this creature’s stature.

The muscle definition on this subject is very evident. The ridgeline around the spine, the buttocks and calf muscles all show flexing as the creature moves. Recently, researchers have even noticed a past injury on this creature. The giant muscle going from the top of the thigh and attaching to the top of the knee shows a rupture protruding from that area during its stride. What kind of suit does all that?

Gorilla suits manufactured today are uniform in color. Patty’s fur is blotchy and patchy all over. Tinting in the fur from sunlight is evident and fluctuates in the sun as well. This is no suit with a man inside. A new documentary titled, “American Paranormal: Bigfoot” uses math to apply to this creature’s anatomy and have come up with an accurate height of 7’6 ½ inches tall. The math can be verified, by anyone, anytime. Plaster casts of the creatures prints were obtained by Roger as well. Ten in all, but enough to show individual toe-splay. That is to say that each print has different toe positions. Where ever the creature walked dictated what the toes did. These prints were very dynamic and flexible, not static or stiff as would be in a fake suit with rubber or plastic feet.

The latest documentaries all corroborate each other in many ways and built a strategy for analysis that can be verified. One doesn’t spend this much time and money on a piece of film that might be fake. Lets face it people, the more we see and look at Patty, the more real she becomes. No seams, zippers, over-laps or strings can be detected in this footage. Those who have come forward (at least two men) claiming to be the man in the suit show us that both men couldn’t have done it. These stories have all been falsified. No one has ever come forward claiming to be the maker of the suit and besides, who could have made a suit like that in 1967? With huge mammary glands as well. Swinging away in all their glory. A male in a suit portraying to be a female sasquatch? Hardly.

More like a female Bigfoot retreating from a male with a movie camera. According to science that is. Show a picture of Patty to anyone and they’ll say, “That is a Bigfoot”

Jeff Payne

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