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In a horrifically written report, NASA released the details of the space shuttle burning up over Texas. A painful explanation of what happened to the crew and the ship when it disintegrated on re-entry, all of the things that went wrong and all the lessons learned from this tragedy.

With the economic situation being what it is in this country, there is very little use in most people’s minds on spending more money on America’s space program. NASA is always used to, throughout the years, feeling the financial crunch when things get tight, but this time it feels a little different.

George Bush gave NASA a new mission to build a launch pad on the moon so we can make it much easier to reach Mars with a manned mission. A lot of people think you’d have to be a Martian to spend money on something like this.

With the country taking one hit after the other financially, some fear we will lose our desire for space exploration.  However, it is America’s curiosity and the way we push the limit that makes this a goal worth keeping. Space tourism could be the answer to this vexation.

Capitalism would work here instead of any socialist answer to this problem. The key is to highlight the reasons we should be in space and do some public awareness on the subject.

America must stay the dreamer of all dreamers. Flying up to the sky. Swirling, swirling lustful and alive.

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