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Watching Tom Brokaw interview Ted Turner made me realize that the world will miss Tim Russert. It is incredulous to me that NBC has not found a suitable replacement for the dearly departed Russert. The longer they keep that liberal dinosaur in the host seat, the more of a slow bleed of viewers and advertisers will turn this show into a relic.

There was Ted Turner in all of his clearly insane glory, unchallenged by the host on a variety of issues. It might a been a good time to question his affinity for communists and despot leaders of third world countries or the way he juxtaposed the Russian’s invasion of Georgia with our invasion of Iraq.

Apples and plums as a comparison and easily taken apart at its core. Meet the Press has lost any feeling of the “true” record of talking truth to power. At the end of the show, they played a clip from 1957 with Mrs. Roosevelt and clearly she got a tougher interview in 1957 than Ted Turner did on Sunday.

Just when I couldn’t believe my eyes on how bad the show got with Tom Brokaw, Tom ended the interview by asking Ted to sing a tune like a performing seal. There was Ted Turner singing “Home on the Range” while sitting there on Meet the Press. It was ridiculous and sad. Wasted air time with one of America’s eccentric billionaires.

Shame on you Tom.

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