Illinois Plays the Race Card

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The state of Illinois has denigrated into a political zoo completely out of control. In yet another sleazy story, dripping with awkwardness from Barack Obama’s political backyard, the embattled Governor of Illinois has appointed Roland Burris to replace President-elect Barack Obama’s United States Senate seat.

In an in-your-face justification for this fortuitous move by the Governor, Burris and company say that he should have the job because he’s black. They will carry the argument that there is no African Americans in the United States Senate.  This alone is the reason everyone should accept an appointment from this unusual Governor in legal trouble.

Seems there is no low too low for Illinois politics. Race politics in the middle of this scandal is the icing on the cake. Burris and company challenge any U.S. Senator to openly oppose the only African American to be in the United States Senate.

The blazing insanity which is Illinois politics has put a dark cloud over the transitional period for the President-elect. Let’s see where Obama falls on this argument. Someone should ask Barack what he thinks of the race card being played here and what he thinks of the incendiary language used in this effort, like the word “lynching” used in the press conference.

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