Gays Battle Pastor Rick Warren

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Gay groups across the country have mounted a nationwide collective scream at President-elect Barack Obama for his pick of Pastor Rick Warren to be a part of the inauguration day. Their anger stems from Pastor Warren’s public efforts to defeat proposition 8 in California which was based on gay marriage being legal.

In a stunning reversal of reality, the gay groups ignore the fact that Barack Obama is completely against gay marriage. Shall I say that again? President-elect Barack Obama is against gay marriage. A fact that is always left out of the discussion.

Now since Obama doesn’t believe a man should marry another man or a woman should marry another woman, Pastor Rick Warren, on this subject, is more in line with our new president’s thoughts than any of these gay groups are.

Pastor Rick and Barack hold the same view on gay marriage, yet gay groups somehow feel betrayed by the incoming president. Since both men hold the same view on this subject, why is only one of the men hated by gay groups? Why do gay groups feel betrayed by Obama, when Barack was a man who went to church with his whole family each Sunday and believes that marriage should be left alone.  Why do they think they have an ally in him on gay marriage?

Why not hold Barack Obama to the same standard as Rick Warren? This disconnect that gay activists have on the reality of this subject and understanding is a clean break from common sense and drips with the awkwardness of confronting someone who his having a hard time with reality.

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