Caroline Kennedy, Almost Offensive

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In an appearance on this week’s Face the Nation, former vice-president, democratic nominee, Geraldine Ferraro, spoke of watching, for the last week, Caroline Kennedy’s campaign for the US Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton as almost offensive.

Caroline Kennedy has come across resistance from her own democratic party. Very little of the complaints thus far have been from republicans. This is an inter-party struggle within the democratic party to fill New York’s senate seat. All of the different arguments and complaints that have been waged against Caroline Kennedy being picked by the Governor for that seat have run the gamut. The one that keeps coming up over and over again is the subject of entitlement and the same handful of families that are allowed behind the helm of power in this country.

There is a natural resistance from Americans when it’s the same families over and over again. It reminds us too much of old Europe and what we got away from. It gets to the core of how and why we started the “new world.” With everything said and done throughout our short history, as much lip service as we’ve given to this, in reality, we have a very long history of this behavior, whether it was the Roosevelt’s or the many family dynasties that have risen to power and kept power through long periods of American political eras. So, the hypocrisy exists. We say one thing, as Americans and we do another.

For New Yorkers, it should come down to something as simple as this, does it benefit the state of New York for one of the two senators that they have to have a personal relationship with the President of the United States of America? Is it beneficial for New York to have a senator who can simply pick up the phone and call the President on behalf of New Yorkers?

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