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President George Bush had some successes that never seemed to get mentioned in any reflective review. One of those was the fact that there are now hundreds of thousands of people in Africa who are only alive and walking the Earth because of George W. Bush and his African policy, in regards to the AIDS  medication program Bush created.

Just thinking about Africa, one can’t forget the people of the African country, Liberia, about to have a revolution, because their corrupt president wouldn’t leave. Being a country with a great relationship with America, because it was freed African slaves that went back and started that country. President Bush parked a battleship off the shores of that free democracy and kept it there until the president of Liberia took off.

Just recently, it was portrayed in the media that we couldn’t mount a response to the Russians because we were all tied up on two fronts. The media presented a template that said we were powerless. Strangely enough, it didn’t stop President Bush from being very aggressive up front with the Russians telling them they can’t do this. Last time I checked,  they’re gone and we didn’t shoot a bullet.

If it was Poland; any fool that would have believed America couldn’t mount a response would have found out immediately how duped they were from the press’ storyline. The lack of understanding of what we can really do in the world military wise is widespread, but not in the cold hard walls of the Russian military hierarchy.

Another success of George W. Bush’s presidency was that the women of Afghanistan could finally bathe and take a shower. One of the first things the Taliban did when they took over, was to ban women, under the penalty of death, from ever bathing again. I’m sure those millions of Afghan women who finally, after five years, got to take a shower. They would consider this a George Bush success.

Likewise, anyone in Iraq who has been married since the fall of Saddam Hussein and didn’t have to share is wife with one of Saddam’s sons on their wedding night just might chalk up another one for George Bush. Was it the president of Haiti that George Bush swept in at the last minute and extracted the president before the people of Haiti put his head in a tire dipped in gasoline?

Oh yeah, Bush wasn’t a total failure like the media has told you.

How about Bush’s Katrina response in Louisiana, the fact that the press never gave much lip service to the fact that President Bush was respecting the civil law and waiting for the Governor of Louisiana to call for help. The lack of understanding among the public on the fact that the federal government just can’t militarily enter a state in the union and do some military operation without being invited by that state’s government is thundering.

Yeah, once that Democratic dysfunctional government got their act together and did their job and officially declared a disaster by law, it was at that time that Bush unleashed the coast guard and extracted tens of thousands of people from their rooftops in record time.

The biggest and most efficient mass rescue in the history of the world. Yet, somehow they hung Hurricane Katrina around Bush’s neck. Is there anyone who got rescued off their roof that day that didn’t feel like that was a Bush success at the very time they were being hoisted up in mid-air towards a helicopter? Shame on them if they forgot that feeling.

How about the leadership he showed us when yet another Republican President had a space shuttle blow up on his watch. The great leadership he provided during the mourning period and after when he gave NASA a new mission to provide a launch pad on the moon, to allow us easier travel to Mars on a manned mission.

Those of us who had our child tax credit raised to one thousand per kid in our tax code, in the so-called Bush’s “tax break for the rich”, would like to call that a success.

I could go on and on. The reason why there are people who say that “history” will see the truth about the Bush Administration is because never in modern history has the press been able to brainwash so many people and recreate reality to such a degree. There are people who understand this “Bush Derangement Syndrome” and know that historians not alive today will be objective and give our president a fair shake.

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