Barack Obama Hates Puppies

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No puppies made it to the Obama administration. Only the big dogs got a job with him. The world was desirous of a new administration filled with brand new faces of new people we’ve never seen before. Instead, every major player in the national democratic party gets a seat at the table of change.

When you look at a group picture of his appointments, you realize that it depends on what the word ’is’ really is. What ‘change’ means change. One of the big dogs, who so far hasn’t earned his place at the smorgasbord of change, is John Kerry. Strangely the former democratic nominee for President has been off the radar screen.

Maybe there are some private clubs for some of the big dogs without jobs. Somewhere where Michael Dukakis and John Kerry hang out. Trying to find a morsel of change anywhere in this is very difficult.

Hawaii is different. We’re going to have a president who claims the state of Hawaii as his home state. That must feel like change to the people who live out there. Being so far from the mainland and any disconnect they must feel will all go away when the President of the United States is flying back and forth over the next four years.

So with that in mind, I guess Barack Obama did deliver on his promise of change.

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