Baby Boomers Have Destroyed the World

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Inevitably, at the end of,  and the beginning of each year we are all subject to some “year in review” served up right to us through the dysfunctional eyes of some Baby Boomer. Their constant comparisons to everything from the sixties and, in the strangest way, always telling us that our hard times today just aren’t anything compared to some bizarre year they pull out of their tuckus from the sixties.

I’m so sick of these people. The Baby Boomers are the most self-absorbed, dysfunctional group of malcontents that have ever been created in the history of the United States of America. These bozos have almost destroyed the entire world, America, the family,  marriage and just about any institution they got their hands on. As Obama screamed at the Democratic convention at the Republicans, “Enough!”  This battle cry comes from the generation that has to clean up the mess and pay off the crushing debt of this depraved group of people. “Enough!”

You see, before there was Generation X or any other cute, little name they’re giving themselves, there was what some called “Latch-Key Babies.”  The name came from the idea that we were the first generation that came home to an empty house because our parents were divorced and mommy was at work. It was the key to the home above that latch of the doorway that we reached for each day to let ourselves into the home alone after school. We were practically raising ourselves and our siblings while a single parent was at work trying to make ends meet.

Everyone’s grandparents were still together for forty or fifty years, while half of all their kids’, our parents, were divorced. Yes, the Baby Boomers. Only “their” formative years were the most interesting years of all of the history of our country. These selfish scamps have had power and have been running the world from the White House for the last sixteen years. Just look at the mess this generation has got us into, it’s a disgrace!

Oh yeah, if you’re around forties you know exactly what I’m talking about. Their war was worse than our wars. Their politics were more meaningful than ours. Their definition of success is the way the whole world should measure things. This is the venal group of people that brought us the term “yuppie”.  Over and over again, ad nauseam, still fighting the ideological battles of the nineteen sixties.

This is the same group of people who fought against their parents and government to have free love and now stand in the way of gay people to be married.They are the biggest roadblock to the happiness and justice for gay couples. They are a generational congregation of the biggest hypocrites alive.

Regardless of how this generation started out, I’m more interested in seeing how they ended up. Watching them grow old has been painful. These sad people can’t even accept that they “are” old. Pulling back the skin on their faces with countless cosmetic surgeries in some insane effort to hold on to their youth. How many of them have we seen walking around among us with their faces pulled back so far, that it is bizarre and startling just to look at them? This crazy generation is so vain they won’t even age gracefully. Watching these know-it-all’s use the power they sought their whole lives, to destroy everything around them. Please!

I read the article that Michael Medved wrote on 12/31/08 and it set me off. Someone should get this retort to that self-important windbag, so he can see how ridiculous he and his peers are. Medved’s dripping condescension that we just don’t have any idea what bad times are, reeks with that bloated, self-importance that is so omnipresent with these people. To dismiss the hardships and political history of 2008, to feel self-importance yet one more time is so stereotypical of his generation.

My God, these are the people who have brought STD’s, Viagra, and out of control drug and alcohol consumption to America’s retirement communities. Wife swapping in fifty-five and older adult communities trying to relive the sexual revolution. When everything is said and done, history will show that the Baby Boomers were, by any measure, the most destructive force America has ever produced. Life is a collection of scars and they have the biggest and best collection.  Just ask any one of them; they’d be glad to tell you all about it.

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