2008: The Year of Socialism

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Any honest review of the past year should include in it the rise of socialism in America. How, when things got tough in  America, our leaders from the president on down reached for socialist solutions instead of the raw power of capitalism.  There is a movement, as you read this, in congress to call out on the carpet the people from the president on down who abandoned capitalism and put America on a socialist slide into the abyss.

A lot of things caught my eye this last year. I was amazed the New York Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriots. I was shocked when Barack Obama broke political gravity and I was in utter dismay watching my government abandon free market principles and set my country on a socialist course for the future.

When our leaders started taking our nation’s wealth and throwing prodigious money at an array of different businesses in some ignoble attempt to save the free market and people’s jobs, I heard the death cry from free thinking people all over this nation.  The death of capitalism was so fast there was no time for a requiem.

When I started to apperceive the fact that the money that the government was talking about throwing at all of these different industries was more than if they just opened the treasury and gave all three hundred million of us a million dollars a piece, my heart almost stopped.  Just to think about how, if we the people got the bailout money, one million a piece, we could have turned this economy around through our spending. We would, through paying off our mortgages and car loans and such, picked the winners and the losers and through that, we would have been closer to our way of capitalism than this wrong path.

Yeah, we would have had inflation and some people would have stopped working all together with the million dollars, however, it would have been better than reaching for this already failed form of governance. Much less painful. Anyone who truly loves freedom, free market and capitalism couldn’t possibly look back at 2008 with any fondness.

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