Mike Huckabee Goes to Iowa

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The run for the White House has already begun. A lot of our leaders from the right are scheduled to appear in Iowa in the near future; Mike Huckabee among them. I remember how damaging it was for Rush to attack  Mike during the primaries. He was telling people that he wasn’t a conservative. Whatever brought Rush to come to that thought, who knows? However, after we got stuck with McCain I bet he would have wanted to take that back; water under the bridge for sure. It is the future that we must now focus on.

Gov. Huckabee has a suasive personality. He has an ability to relate to the working man. His unstoppable and undeniable humor reaches across the political landscape and tackles even the most skeptical among us. Mike has a good chance in 2012. He’s got name recognition, he’s already held his own on a national stage, and he all but locked up the entire south in the primaries. This is a man with political prowess. He is a man of respect, a man of faith, and someone who conservatives can feel safe with him as the captain behind the helm.

Governor Huckabee’s affinity for grass-roots movements, such as the Fair Tax, position him in a unique situation to capture the underground movement which is “The Conservative Reconstruction Project.” Hopefully, sometime in the near future, someone will ask Gov. Huckabee, “Have you heard about “The Conservative Reconstruction Project”?”  He is just the type of man to lead such a grass-roots effort.

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