Lord Obama the Hypocrite

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It was breathtaking for 18 months to watch lord Obama go around the country and say that it didn’t matter who he hung out with or with whom he associated. The press aegis that was put up around him to shelter him from the consequences of such social entanglements was profound. Now we hear that seven thousand or so jobs have opened up in the Obama administration and the application for all of these positions has surfaced.

Strangely enough, we find out that his job application to work in his administration is riddled with requests asking people to tell him with whom they are associated. Apparently, that matters now. The hypocrisy here reaches into the heavens and not even the Hubble Telescope can reach the end of his contradictions. The fact that this man couldn’t even make it through his own hiring requirements tells us more about him than it does about any of his applicants. The endless parade of sheep that will march into his slaughterhouse with their illusions in hand could fill a football stadium. The radicals are in charge now and common sense be damned.

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