Immigration: The Redheaded Stepchild

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One thing that is unavoidable, is the fact that the immigration subject, our borders, and any talk of it, has fallen off of the face of the earth. Out of sight and out of mind is any coherent discussion on the border situation. Shamelessly, what I would consider a national disgrace. Our borders are being overrun on a daily basis. Some sections of the border still look like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Now here’s the rub, the economic situation in the United States has slipped into utter darkness. Every day we hear about Americans being laid off by the tens of thousands. So, how on earth, can thousands of Americans be standing on the unemployment line while illegal Mexican workers are still working their 9 to 5?

Unfortunately, anytime we broach this subject, the left immediately labels us as racist or anti-Latino, but that kind of semantical nonsense will hold no more water while the unemployment administration balloons to the size of a small, third world country.

Now the argument that we have used in the past, that Americans won’t take these jobs, can no longer be used. None of us, in our right minds, would ever imagine that someone wouldn’t take any job to put food on the table for their families in these harsh economic times.

Since the idea of national security wasn’t enough to prevail in all of these other spurious contradictions on why we should not close the borders have collapsed, I’ll ask you this one thing, “If Joe Six Pack can’t afford to buy his six pack, why does Pablo get to buy his taco?”

It is now time to reignite the immigration debate and close our borders once and for all. This must be an essential element of The Conservative Reconstruction Project. Pablo can have his taco when Joe has his six pack.

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