A Dictum of Bobby Jindal

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The closest thing out there that we have to a true Reagan conservative is Bobby Jindal. The Governor of Louisiana is a trenchant soldier in hardcore conservative values. He is the real deal. However, Governor Jindal’s biggest problem is that no one knows who he is. Outside of Louisiana and inside baseball types, he is a relative unknown on the national scene. Bobby will be one of many who will be showing up in Iowa soon to start this uphill process. Without national prominence, no matter how special he is, it won’t matter if he doesn’t get his face known.

He must remedy this particular vexation as soon as possible. He needs to hire a crew whose only function is to get his name and face out there. Grass-roots would be a great place to start. Someone needs to get the word to Bobby. Ask him if he has heard of “The Conservative Reconstruction Project?” One of these leaders will use this grass-roots movement as a vehicle to get us back to the mountain top. Which one is unknown right now, but they are all welcome here. Spread the word that there is a home for disaffected people of faith and values here at AmericaSpeaksInk.com. This is our base to launch our rebirth.

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