The Bush Shell Game

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One thing that bothered me during this election, was while the right was pointing fingers at Barack saying he was a socialist, which he clearly is,  and while our heads were turned and we were measuring up that claim against Barack, George Bush was slowly dismantling the free market, buying up every business he and Paulson could get their hands on. The premise was, we as a country were in such dire straights that we just had to turn over partial ownership of what seems to be an endless array of businesses. They were just too big to fail. I remember thinking, ”Just let them fail.”

Even if we as a country would slip into the second Great Depression, wouldn’t it be better to fight through that, even if it took ten years? Wouldn’t it be better to pull ourselves out of that hole as a free people, than to turn over the free market to Uncle Sam just because we might go through some hard times? Since when do we hand over to the government ownership of anything just to avoid meaningful pain?

When you stare into the abyss and there is nothing staring back at you, it is at this moment that one finds his character and it is one’s character that brings him out of the abyss. This is what defines us as Americans.  I, for one, would rather be defined by what I overcame, than to be defined by a lack of independence to handle it. This juggernaut seems unstoppable. I heard someone argue that we are approaching the plateau with how much money the government will keep pouring into this takeover, that it would be just as easy to hand every citizen a million dollars and let ”us” decide who fails and who survives. Let the free market decide. Since we are going to print the money anyway, I challenge anyone to come up with a more sensible idea than that. I know why the government wouldn’t want to do that, but don’t they work for us?

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