Ants to the Picnic

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The money the federal government is planning on spending in 2009 is so far beyond right and wrong that it is breathtaking. Has anyone even asked the question, “What if this doesn’t work?” The picnic is in Washington DC and the ants are coming from everywhere trying to nibble on the pie. Human nature alone will not permit this orgy to go down the way they plan.

To take half of the nation’s projected tax intake for the upcoming year and spend it on an orgy of projects sounds like madness. I am overwhelmed with the lack of leadership in America today. It would be so much cheaper and less painful to just give each citizen a million dollars and let the chips fall where they may. This incredulous attempt to some how jump start this economy with grand public works projects and God knows what else is set up to fail.

Does anyone remember how screwed up it went in New Orleans when the government was handed all that money from the people? The hundreds of ice trucks to nowhere and all those different debacles that went with that attempt by our inept leaders. Sections of New Orleans are still without electricity to this day.

Think about all of the misspent money in Iraq that was never accounted for or lost. Big bureaucracies are not set up to spend wisely. God help us all if Obama gets his hands on half of next year’s budget to spend on whatever he wants.

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