Trump Adverse To Learning Curve

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I think whatever side of the political fence you are on, the fact that the president can’t seem to learn this job has to be shocking to you. There is no learning curve with this man. He is the biggest impediment to getting anything done in America; it is the president himself screwing it all up. Normally I’d point to the 21st century do nothing congress, but Trump outshines that crippling inaction with ineffectual chaos.

I remember when Ross Perot told Clinton in a presidential debate, “I could say that I ran a small grocery store on the corner, therefore, I extrapolate that into the fact that I could run Wal-Mart. That’s not true.” Well, we are learning just because you can run a real estate empire, does not mean you can run the country, Donald Trump.

It looks like that skill set does not translate to being able to have a functional presidency. This presidency has no chance of succeeding with the inability to learn from mistakes and move forward with an agenda. President Trump constantly gets in the way of his so-called agenda. He has taken his theory of chaos that he put forth in his book “Art of The Deal” and applied it to the presidency with a devastating result. It just did not work and it is painful to watch. I won’t hold my breath waiting for this seventy-year-old man to learn some new tricks. This presidency seems to be an old dog.

As a former supporter of the president, it stuns me to see how this man can not see through his daily mistakes. He is just too chaotic and just too insane for my taste. It would be one thing if his shenanigans were working, but there is just no evidence of that. In fact, the writing on the wall is that this presidency is doomed and he’ll never be reelected. He barely made it in 2016 and without the support of Populists like myself, he’ll fail. He turned his back on us and we’ll never be there in those numbers again.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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