The Right’s Last Straw Not Racism But Incompetence

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The eroding support from the right, including myself, is not because the left has convinced us Donald Trump is a Russian Spy/Neo-Nazi. Our disgust with the president is not because the left was right and we should have voted a crime boss into the White House in the form of another Clinton. The dissipating support of his base is due to his inability to move our Populist agenda forward. His crippling incompetence and flat-out ineptitude to have some kind of a learning curve are why the Trump Presidency has become a bridge too far to travel for many of us on the right.

President Trump’s oscillating core or lack of a core was revealed with the health debate. He was begging the Congress to send him a bill to sign that would have thrown off tens of millions of people off their health insurance and healthcare. This was a succinct betrayal of his campaign promise to cover everyone and it was a shocking unveiling of a heartless heart. Looking back at it, if he would break that promise, what else would he walk away from in our Populist agenda. The likely answer is any of it. He was never a true believer of the Steve Bannon Agenda. He co-opted it and to be truthful, he shared some similarities to what Steve had been fighting years for, but not really.

His disappearing support of his base would be way bigger if it was not for the press. There are millions of people who would have walked away already if the press was not so unfair to the guy. This thundering activist press went so over the top going after Trump, that the knee jerk reaction to protect the guy being unfairly beaten up kicked in. America’s affinity to be for the underdog or the rebel goes into overdrive when they see this leftist onslaught from the mainstream press and their usual suspects. The damn fools in the press don’t realize if they would just pull back the focus of the base would be forced to look back at this ineffectual president and see the mounting betrayals. But that won’t happen any more than the president learning how to become a president will. That is the paradigm.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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