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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ breakup threw us for a loop on Aug. 6. And, their marriage woes are still a mystery. So, HL’s couple’s expert filled us in on how to spot the signs of trouble in paradise, before it’s too late!

It was the Hollywood relationship that seemed unbreakable. With all of the high profile celeb divorces and breakups, fans always looked to Chris Pratt, 38, and Anna Faris, 40, for that glimmer of hope that love still existed. But, on August 6, when they announced that they were separating, it was like time stopped. Could this really be happening? What went wrong? They always seemed like they were in love, right? Did we miss the signs that they were in trouble? — These were the burning questions that plagued the internet that day, and still now. A lot of you guys were concerned, so don’t worry, is here to help ease your minds. Whether it’s your own relationship or you just need some clarity about your favorite celeb couple, we’ve called on our favorite relationship expert to give us the cold hard facts. Patti Wood — President of Communication Dynamics Inc. and Author of SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma, filled us in on the hidden signs that a relationship may be headed for the finish line!

“Where the toes point, the heart follows,” Patti says. “Though there are gender-based differences in the way we like to orient when we are sharing and bonding, foot pointing messages are powerful.” Here’s a quick tip to get started: “When you are standing with each other as a couple, look at your partner’s feet when you are out with other people,” Patti directs. “If their toes are pointed at you, great. If they’re pointed at someone else or the exit, your partner may be looking to walk…” And, here’s how you can get to the bottom of it all.

Have your conversations and hangouts lessened unexpectedly? — Note changes in the amount of time your partner wants to spend talking and the frequency of interactions. Of course, this changes after the courting phase, but, if you see sudden drop-offs with no external reason, like a job deadline, then something may be off. Is your partner anxious to end phone conversations right away? — A person who knows they’re going to end the relationship with you, but hasn’t done so yet, will be itching to get off the phone with you. If he/she is talking to you, but not adding anything to the conversation, it’s a sign he/she is heading towards the finish line. This person is probably just pacing themselves. Notice if this is new pattern. For example: When they DO hug, they add a little pat. The pat makes the hug less sexual and or can be an admonishment, as, “I am patting you to make you stop that.” His or her hug use to have pelvis to pelvis contact, but now your partner’s pelvis arches AWAY from you.

Has the sex slowed down? — He or she is no longer interested in sex or makes changes to normal cuddling, hugs and touching, such as, not kissing to greet or say goodbye, not touching your back as he or she guides you through a door, not sitting together in the same way on the couch, delays going into bed with you to sleep. A dramatic change in sexual behavior or touch can mean that  he or she wants to avoid any situation where they might have to express emotion or attachment to you, and or, in the worst case scenario, he or she’s getting it somewhere else…

Is your natural chemistry off? — There’s a lack of “matching and mirroring…” meaning, we “dance” with people we love. There are matching and mirroring movements of chemistry. If someone no longer wants to feel or doesn’t feel a connection with you, he or she will not match and mirror. It’s a very complex process to match and mirror. It is typically done subconsciously, so it drops away when we don’t feel a connection… sometimes going unnoticed.

Has your body language gotten less affectionate? — Closed windows, meaning a person who is losing or has lost interest will change the way they present the front of their bodies to you. They will  display a lack of open “windows” towards you. “Windows,” being his or her heart, eyes, neck and palms. If your man or woman turns his or her heart (the center of his chest) away from you as you are talking to each other, it’s a big sign they’re not interested.

Is your partner getting flakier with plans? — Canceling plans and leaving you waiting, time called chronemics is a powerful communicator. If your partner was previously on time and then that changes, beware. At the very least it shows a lack of respect for you. If it continues or gets worse, then they are sending a message. If he or she keeps you waiting, it’s a sign that their interest is waning, and a sign of disrespect. This is true for dates as well. If he or she starts waiting until the very last minute to make date plans with you, it’s likely they’ve lost interest, or they’re hoping something better will come along and they’re using you as a back-up.

Has your partner changed in terms of appearance and the way they dress? — Changes in dress and appearance; That can be nice… for other people. If your partner suddenly has an interest in looking very good, it could be for someone else, or that they’re trying to seek the attention of another. Have they gotten bored with the relationship and are looking to reinvent themselves for someone new? Maybe.

HollywoodLifers, if you care to share, have you experienced these signs with your partner?

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