History is Here to Stay, We Need the Reminder

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History is Here to Stay, We Need the Reminder

Removal of statues and burning of flags will not remove what has happened in history. In fact, they stand as a reminder of the mistakes that should not be repeated. By removing the historic icons you are also removing the reminders of the good that came out of the bad. Take Martin Luther King, his iconic speech that is celebrated proudly every year would never have happened. Those thousands of civil right marchers that stood proudly to fight for desegregation may never have had that chance to march. The secret Canadian railroad that smuggled slaves to freedom would mean nothing. What kind of world would it be if the Civil War of the North and South never took place? Would the slaves ever have been freed? Everything that has happened good or bad has shaped the world as we know it. There are many things in history that we still cherish today; the right to freedom of speech which we hold near and dear.

The rise of white supremacy in this day and age is not because of a statue or a flag, that is just the excuse to march. It is the principles of hate that have driven and divided a country. When you have a leader that influences hate then hate will follow. President Trump exhumes hate in almost every speech he has made since running and taking the presidency. Issuing orders for one of the biggest round ups of immigrants in history, forcing families to be split apart and children to become orphans. Building a wall that symbolizes hate at its very presence by telling Mexicans that they are not welcome in the United States.

Doing nothing for the poor and weak but remove any hope for health care all because he hates his predecessor so much. Obama was a thorn in Trump’s side since he became the first Black President. Now he wants to undo everything Obama. Even if the policies or deals that were made are good for the country, if Obama has his name on it, he wants it gone. Again you can not erase history and no matter how hard Trump tries, Obama will remain part of the history of the United States.

What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia was a sad state of affairs. A young woman lost her life standing up against hate. The President never even acknowledge the hate we all were subjected to by the white supremacy march. He never released a statement to the family of Heather Heyer. The young women that lost her life nor the Officers who died on the job. Instead, he had to be strong-armed for almost two days before he denounced the hate and it took him another day of strong-arming before he actually denounced them by name.

At a time when nerves are frayed and people are at unrest, on the verge of a nuclear war, this was the time for a true leader to stand up and assure the people that they are safe and reassure them that the hate and ugliness will not go unpunished. In a time when we all needed to see strength in our leaders,  Trump had an epic fail. As long as we see failure from our leaders then we will remain divided and more hate will rear its ugly head and it will become another blemish in history.

History has shown us that we have overcome white supremacy in the past and if we stand strong and united we will overcome the hate once again, with or without a strong leadership. We will make history and we will go down in history as those who stood proudly, hand in hand to fight all hate. So do we really want to bury history or let it stand as a reminder that we are stronger because of it?

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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