The Democrat Party Is Not Calling For Single Payer

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The Democrat Party Is Not Calling For Single Payer

There has never been a time more auspicious than now for the left to demand a single payer health system. But they have not, so why not? Have we not been told that Obamacare was just a Trojan Horse for Medicare for all? Maybe the Democrat Party has not seen Michael Moore’s movie Sicko yet. Or maybe they are just full of bologna. Maybe Democrat voters have been misled.

With the failure of the Republican replacement bill, why is the left not pushing a health care system that includes all Americans? There is a man suing the Republicans for raising over seven-hundred million dollars with repeal and replace, being called out as a fraud. Not a fraud in the sense that it was not true, but a fraud in a legal way, where money was raised in a fraudulent manner that is against the law. The Republicans pushed a product called repeal and replace and they raised obscene money on that product and it was all a lie.

Is the Democrat Party committing a similar fraud? Have they raised money misleading people that their intentions are for a single payer system? I don’t know but it is starting to look like something is rotten in Denmark here. All I hear from the left is silence. The tired old leaders of the Democrat Party have not said a word about turning now to Medicare for all.

As a victim of the Republican Party and their fraud of repeal and replace, I have a warning for the left. It looks like the same thing is happening to you guys like it did us. It looks like the two party system is really just one party when it comes to the unabated desire to tell us what we want to hear but in the most disingenuous ways. Is Medicare for All a phantasmagoria?


C. Rich
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