A Pardon In The Middle Of A Cat 4 Hurricane?

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Pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the middle of a Cat 4 Hurricane is embarrassing. President Trump has completely lost his way. The Make America Great Again agenda is dead. Just ask the people inside who would know, oh wait, they are not inside anymore. The movement was betrayed just go ask Steve Bannon or Sebastian Lukács Gorka. The campaign promises are all being abandoned and the swamp flat out won. Joe Arpaio really is like a Nazi, so why the pardon? Forget what he was convicted for, just the way he ran his jail is all you need to know about the heart of that monster sheriff.

Making people do their time in a tent in the middle of the desert is malevolent. Making the men in there wear pink underwear is all the image you need to understand the black heart of former Sheriff Joe. For years, the man was able to operate an American version of concentration camps. How he was allowed to treat people for so many years is our collective failure. Somebody should have stopped him years ago.

So what is the message sent by this pardon? For me, it seems to be a signaling to Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn to keep their mouths shut and the president will have their back. The independent counsel should disband and stop wasting taxpayer money. They should shut it down because the president will just pardon everyone from his son to General Flynn. They are wasting their time and our money.

The day I knew that there was something truly going on with this Russian crap was when the president’s son released his emails. That family went around saying they had nothing to do with Russians, but then they were going to meetings with them about God knows what. They even had Russian interpreters. How many of us would forget about being in some clandestine meeting with a bunch of Russians and a Russian interpreter? Nope, the family has been extremely dishonest with all of us.

Watching President Trump pardon a political ally in the middle of Hurricane Harvey is truly breathtaking. Seeing our Populist Agenda circle the political drain is heartbreaking. Watching the swamp methodically remove one person after the other in the Trump Administration that was working for the common man and towards a Populists agenda, has been corrosive to my political soul. All of this has been painful. I doubt if I will ever be able to pardon myself for my support of Donald J. Trump.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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